Faking Evidence Online Probably Isn't A Good Idea

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Faking evidence for a court case is never a particularly intelligent thing to do, but these days, with the ease of creating fake profiles online, we’re starting to hear more cases that involved faked evidence. There was just the story of the woman who tried to frame her ex-boyfriend with fake text messages she sent herself, and now there’s a story of a wife who set up a fake MySpace account for her husband’s ex-wife and used it to send messages that were used in a custody battle. After being alerted to the oddity of the messages, the police got involved, and what had started out as a custody battle, later involved criminal charges for falsifying evidence. The woman’s defense wasn’t particularly convincing (she admitted she wrote the messages, after it became obvious she had), saying that she did it to “vent,” but never intended the messages to actually be used in the custody battle. Not surprisingly, no one believed that.

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