EU Data Protection Body Points Out That ACTA Violates EU Data Protection Rules

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Hephaestus was the first of a few of you to point out that the EU advisory body in charge of making sure various European laws comply with EU data protection and privacy regulations has slammed ACTA for violating those rules and violating “fundamental” privacy rights. So much for the claims that ACTA won’t go against EU law, huh? The report is pretty damning, and shows growing opposition across a wide spectrum of groups in the EU. And we’re hearing growing protests in the US as well, even from groups that support stronger intellectual property. There are more and more indications that the farce that is ACTA may finally be starting to crumble.

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Comments on “EU Data Protection Body Points Out That ACTA Violates EU Data Protection Rules”

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DBR says:

Hidden links...

If you visit that page using Firefox with Noscript you can see hundreds of hidden links on the page.

E.g. “can i buy microsoft word only purchase microsoft excel 2003 buy microsoft office 2007 basic cheap maya 2009 purchase office 2007 enterprise microsoft office 2003 buy online buy lightroom 2.6 nero discounts price of matlab cheap microsoft office 2007 download where can i buy powerpoint 2007 purchase roxio creator 2010 buy microsoft office publisher 2003 cyberlink powerproducer 5 ultra download buy acronis true image 11 microsoft mappoint 2009 cost buy microsoft office”

It’s nothing more than a link farm.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Hidden links...

@DBR — Actually, when you look at the page source, the link blob looks like a Javascript injection from the blog service provider. The site Mike cited is a blog. The entry cited quotes a letter published on 15 July 2010 found at:

Found by taking 2 minutes to follow the link the blogger posted near the head of his article and look around.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Death of a 1,000 paper cuts ...

“ACTA seems to violate all of the current rules in place.”

If you want to help trash ACTA choose a section then go through EU law, privacy, data protection, human rights, etc.

Here is the fun part. Since the EU is relatively new, not as corrupt as the US, and the citizens there actually take an interest in government. Write an e-mail to the relevent commisioner, governing body, etc stating this section of ACTA seems to violate this EU law, standard, rule, right, etc and give an explaination as to why you think it does. Express your concern and worry, state you do not want Europe to go the way of the US with a slow errosion of rights, and a corruption of the law. Then ask “Is my interpretaion of this law, standard, rule, etc, correct?” Make sure you CC EU reporters, bloggers, and several members of the EP (European Parliament).

If they didnt respond to all when they get back to you, forward it to everyone on the CC list, make sure you include the person who answered your question(s) so they know who the response was forwarded to.

You would be surprised at how much trouble your can cause with this simple technique.

Here is starting point for EU resources

Idobek (profile) says:

Re: Re: Death of a 1,000 paper cuts ...

Since the EU is relatively new, not as corrupt as the US

Ha ha, ha ha ha, hahahahahahaha. Ha, ha ha, huh. *cough* Heh. Um…

and the citizens there actually take an interest in government

But are consistently ignored or told to think again whenever they vote the “wrong” way.

However, the rest of what you say does stand up. Especially if you ensure to highlight that ACTA is being pushed by US owned vested interests. Keep banging on about it being written for and by US companies and you’re bound to attract their attention.

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