Once Again, Bank ATMs Are Not Very Secure

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A few years ago, we discussed how bank ATM’s just aren’t very secure, despite the belief by many that they were. That discussion revolved around the fact that many people often compare bank ATMs to e-voting (in part because Diebold was a big player in both businesses). It looks like more and more folks are realizing the same thing. Some security researchers are about to release their evidence on just how easy it is to hack bank ATMs. And, of course, if security researchers are talking about it now, you can be pretty sure that hackers already figured this out a while ago.

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Comments on “Once Again, Bank ATMs Are Not Very Secure”

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lfroen (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Absolutely. Scare mongering in its best: linked article provide no, not even one (sic!) technical details on so-called “hacking”. Or maybe did those “researchers” just used chainsaw to cut the thing?
People don’t rob banks every day (or steal other things) not because banks (or other people houses) are so secure. People don’t rob/steal/murder because it’s wrong. “Thou shell not steal”, remember?
And even technically, ATM are match more secure than e-voting machines, because banks have all incentives and resources in the world to make them so. Hardly situation with voting machines.

Anonymous Coward says:

“One potential route of attack is via communications ports that are sometimes accessible from outside an ATM, Moss said.”

This is brain-dead simple and has existed since the dawn of computing. If someone has physical access, they have your data. The only way around this is heavy encryption that exists on and from point to point, transport, and survives regular audits, and hopefully changing 2-factor authentication methods.

I can guarantee you fewer than 5% of bank ATM’s are getting monthly audits for security eavesdropping/vulnerabilities.

I never use a public ATM, (or any computer terminal beyond public browsing sites.) It costs less than $5 for hardware PS/2 USB keylogging on any library terminal, for example.

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