Yet Another Person, Upset With Search Result Snippets, Sues Yahoo

from the sue-the-algorithm dept

This is certainly not the first time we’ve seen cases like this, but reader LM alerts us to a case down in Australia, where a guy is upset that the Yahoo search results on his name make him look like a criminal. So, he’s now suing the company for defamation. Similar cases in the US and the UK have been tossed out, with courts properly recognizing that you can’t blame a search engine company for “defamation” because its algorithms summarize other people’s content in confusing ways. However, a ruling on a similar case in the Netherlands went the other way. Already, in Australia, the court has refused to grant summary judgment to Yahoo, so a full trial will soon be underway to take on this issue, but Australian courts apparently often look to similar UK rulings for guidance — so last year’s ruling, finding that automatically generated summary snippets in search engines were not defamatory, hopefully is a good sign.

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Comments on “Yet Another Person, Upset With Search Result Snippets, Sues Yahoo”

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The Devil's Coachman (profile) says:

What do we know about this person?

I mean, it’s not likely that he is a closet pedophile, but it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Sounds like he may or may not have something he wishes to hide. I wonder what that might be. Perhaps a thorough investigation into his past is called for, as well as his present and any and all future activities. These days, one cannot be too sure, and as a consequence, one cannot be too safe. I say that a detective should be put on his case, just in case he might be doing something particularly nasty, like openly practicing bestiality, or indulging in deviant sex with alien mutants from other galaxies. This man frightens me! He might be the disease vector that makes humanity extinct as a result of his alien mutant sexual procivities. Or, he may just be a paranoid, yet harmless dolt. The pubic demands to know. Stop hiding facts!

DanVan (profile) says:

I do feel bad for people like this. Things of this nature that have NO FOUNDATION (again, that is IF this person is in fact not guilty of anything) do hurt people applying for jobs, etc….

I guess I have a bit of a personal interest as I myself look quite bad if you do a search for my name but thankfully everyone at work knows that it is NOT ME on the searches and I already have a job

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