Lieberman Clarifies That He's Not Really Giving Obama An Internet Kill Switch

from the calm-down dept

A bunch of folks have been submitting various stories, like this one sent in by cc, saying that Senator Joe Lieberman is trying to give Obama an internet kill switch. We didn’t cover it because it’s quite exaggerated. We actually had already covered the new legislation in a post a couple weeks ago, and while we disagree both with the legislation and the need for such legislation, exaggerating what it’s about does no one any good. However, it does seem that all of the negative publicity has Lieberman quickly trying to clarify what the bill really means and make it clear that it does not actually give the federal government any sort of “kill switch.” The idea is just that, if there actually is an attack from a certain country, there’s more of a coordinated plan to reroute traffic.

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Comments on “Lieberman Clarifies That He's Not Really Giving Obama An Internet Kill Switch”

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kid mercury (profile) says:

the attack “from another country” is more likely to be a state-sponsored event. this article is missing lots of important contextual information which, if included, would help illustrate the need for vigilance in light of lieberman’s comments.

here is an article with many links that can provide important contextual information regarding the US government’s repeated desire to exert greater regulatory control over the internet.

the US government has repeatedly stated false flag attacks to justify its attempts for greater control. from this perspective viewing lieberman’s comments with suspicion and vigilance is not irrational panicking but rather a rational response based on an informed analysis of history.

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