Australian Gov't Says ISPs Should Spy On Users… At The Same Time It's Trying To Attack Google For Doing Less?

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We’ve been writing about the Australian government — mainly Stephen Conroy — the politician who is actively trying to censor the internet, who is absolutely livid at Google, mainly because the company has accurately pointed out what a bad idea the censorship program would be. He’s been making ridiculous and uninformed fear mongering statements about Google for a few weeks now. The latest, which is a blatant falsehood, is that Google’s WiFi snarfing collected personal banking details. But, of course, as anyone who actually knows how these things work can tell you, banking sites use encryption. Google can only read unencrypted data, and all of the evidence suggests that Google discarded any encrypted info (not that it could do anything with it anyway).

Of course, while Conroy is grandstanding about how Google might have possibly, maybe collected a tiny snippet of unsecure info that passed through an open WiFi network while it was driving by — saying that it was “the largest privacy breach in history across Western democracies,” — his government, in his area of regulation, is working on data retention plans that would require ISPs to spy on your internet usage. They don’t just want ISPs to store your IP addresses. They want your browsing history and every email stored — just in case the government wants to go back and check it some time.

That seems like a significantly bigger privacy breach than anything Google did.

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Comments on “Australian Gov't Says ISPs Should Spy On Users… At The Same Time It's Trying To Attack Google For Doing Less?”

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bigpicture says:

Follow the Money

Maybe someone should a do a background on Mr. Stephen Conroy’s financial transactions to find out whose pocket he is in. We had an elected representative here deny that he had any conflict of interest in the purchase of some Airbus planes instead of NA made Boeings.

But when they followed the money, they found out that he was getting it in envelopes. Not “for the people by the people” but “screw the people”. We got to get rid of these corrupt jerk politicians

Vlad The Impaled (profile) says:

Its getting silly...

Conroy needs to leave politics. He’d be far more useful to work for some security department, or even better… become a network administrator at some corporation that has draconian network policies. Yep, that’s perfect for him.

This is a perfect case of his paranoia over his facist, draconian tactics being threatened by the ‘Do no evil’ company. If you want to try and derail their human initiatives tell the news media and unware/don’t care general public that they are evil. Yep, it moves the spotlight off your own facist activities onto someone else while you can further manipulate what was once a freedom loving, fun, country into a military Stalinistic place.

Mr. Conroy IS big brother. Plain & simple.


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