UK Pubs Can Get Huge Refunds From Music Collection Group After Overcharging

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After seeing so many stories of various collection and performance licensing groups being able to boost their rates and expand their coverage over the past few years, it’s nice to see at least some pushback. IanVisits points out that, over in the UK, the Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) has lost a lawsuit which claimed it had seriously overcharged. So now pubs, bars and restaurants can start claiming refunds. Of course, a bit annoyingly, these venues have to proactively make a claim. Contrast that to demands from such collection societies about how you automatically have to pay up for a license… The article also notes that the ruling requires new rates, with some pubs and restaurants expecting the money they have to pay to be cut in half. Nice to see that more venues might be comfortable playing and promoting music again…

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Comments on “UK Pubs Can Get Huge Refunds From Music Collection Group After Overcharging”

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PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

It’s about time that cliche was put to bed. The “warm beer” Yanks refer to is ale, which nobody under 60 really drinks nowadays. You’re much more likely to see bitter and lager, with brands like “Carling Extra Cold” and Guinness Extra Cold” than ale in most pubs.

“Warm beer” is as relevant to the modern day UK as “malt shop” does to the modern US.

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