Facebook Ordered To Stop Helping Kids Skip Class In Argentina

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When I was in high school, it was customary every year or so for there to be some sort of injustice that the students were upset about concerning the administration of the school. If it escalated enough, the kids would decide to stage some sort of protest — which at least once involved skipping out on school for the day. Obviously, often enough, such efforts are really just a way for kids to have an excuse to skip out on classes for a day, but this sort of thing seemed pretty common even back when I was in high school. However, now, with things like Facebook… suddenly it’s Facebook’s fault that the same thing is happening?

Reader Osno alerts us to the news of a legal battle down in Argentina where a judge has ordered Facebook to block any group advocating student protests that involved skipping classes (that link is a Google translation of the original article).

Apparently, the back story, is that a large group of students in Mendoza, Argentina had organized a day to skip out on school via Facebook. The media in Argentina played up the story, and it resulted in other students around the country planning similar “skip school” days. Rather than recognize that this is what kids do, the whole thing has gone to court, with a judge claiming that this is somehow Facebook’s fault, and it must start blocking any such groups. According to the translation:

“We did a little research on the basis of the allegations and found that the company was in breach of certain laws, as is of danger to health or integrity of its users….”

That seems like a pretty severe twisting of laws concerning requirements to protect the health of users. According to Osno, politicians are backing the judge, warning of what other groups Facebook might be used to create next — such as the “great smokeout to smoke dope.” Apparently, these folks are unaware that the same thing has happened for ages, using pretty much any communication method available — whether it was email, telephone, paper or (gasp) talking in person. Blaming the communications medium isn’t going to change any of that.

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Comments on “Facebook Ordered To Stop Helping Kids Skip Class In Argentina”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

It’s like with public airwaves. They make communication easier, so the FCC had to control everyone from using them to communicate. Can’t have the public organize against special interest groups that seek to pass bad laws.

It’s partly why most of the laws in this country are so messed up, we can’t communicate and so big corporations rob us blind with broken laws that enslave us while everyone is intentionally kept ignorant. The Internet now must be controlled.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Re:

We had senior skip days in my high school. They were sprinkled threw the year and were never on the same day twice. Except April 20th, that was always a skip day. It wasn’t that long ago but it was still before computers were in every home (about 10 years now). We had no problem spreading info around.

We also had senior week where no one showed up for the entire last week of school, but that was school sanctioned.

Osno (profile) says:

What I really think (and I didn’t include in the submission) is that they’re starting to realize that no political affinity is needed to build a demonstration/organization and they’re really really scared.

BTW, even though politicians may be parroting the media I think I stated (and submitted) it incorrectly. The “great smoke of Mendoza” was coined by a conservative media representative. Media and politics is almost the same here anyway, so no big wrong.

Diego Nebot says:

Some datails

I´m a lawyer from Mendoza. Been following the case.
For now, it´s just a precautory order, not a final veredict. In fact, I think a federal (not a local) judge will have to carry on with the case.
I´ve read the paper. It´s absolutly unfounded.
In case any of you are interested, I´ll be soon uploading some annotations in my blog. You can contact me on Twitter, @diegonebot.
Sorry about my english.

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