Is That Two Strikes For Mandelson? Labour Caught With Another Potentially Infringing Poster

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You may recall a few weeks back that we wrote about how the Labour party in the UK had come under fire for a really bad campaign poster that portrayed an opposing candidate from the Conservative party as if he were a character in a BBC television program — photoshopping the candidate’s head onto the a promotional shot from the TV show. Labour ended up pulling the poster after the ad seemed to only help the competition — but also after some questioned whether or not Labour (the party in power that had drafted the infamous Digital Economy Bill) was infringing on copyrights of the TV show in using the image from the show. Eventually, Peter Mandelson, the guy who basically wrote the Digital Economy Bill and was its main champion, took “responsibility” for the poster.

So it’s a bit bizarre to hear that Labour and Mandelson have put out a second, quite similar, poster that appears to be just as questionable on the copyright front. Misterfricative writes in to alert us to a new controversy over yet another campaign poster involving the Conservative candidate photoshopped into an image from a BBC television program. Once again, the poster has been “withdrawn” over other aspects of the controversy, but it certainly looks like this should be Mandelson’s second strike, right? After all, these posters are supposedly his responsibility. If he wants to set a good example, perhaps he should cut off his own internet access. But I guess he shouldn’t worry. After all, as Mandelson himself pointed out, once kicked off, he can pay up in order to file an appeal.

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Comments on “Is That Two Strikes For Mandelson? Labour Caught With Another Potentially Infringing Poster”

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dorp says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Re:

it is worthy of comment but do you really think it is mandelson personally making all of those choices? it would be like holding the masnick personally responsible for the blatherings of the bench warmers that filled in for him last week.

Or even better, like holding you accountable for your own actions! Any person can see that you can’t even make a rational choice of using capitalization, let alone making a sound argument.

mjb5406 (profile) says:

Re: Re:

A reputation that stinks is difficult to “sully” (nice 10th grade word, BTW). Mendelson, if you bothered to read the history of the Digital Economy Bill, wasn’t much of a backer until the entertainment industry started wining and dining him… then he had an epiphany. He figured that, since all those nice people were lining his pockets with their hard-earned Pounds, he needed to do something to thank them. So he let them stick their hands up his butt and work him kike a puppet.

Is that sullied enough for you?

Dom S says:

Re: Re:

it is quite incredible that you would actually make this statement.

Scandelson has been thrown out of positions of power twice (from what i remember) and all because he’s a corrupt NON-ELECTED a$$ who has repeatedly tried to take the pi$$ out of the British public.

now he OBVIOUSLY infringes someone elses copy”right” and then sits on his f*cking privelege provided seat basically laughing at everyone he’s stitched up with his bogus DEB (THATS EVERYONE WHO HAS INTERNET ACCESS AND CAN BE ACCUSED OF PIRACY BY HIS PUPPET-MASTERS! btw)


end of

as a sidenote though i feel a little “sullied” myself having taken a second to realise that maybe you’re just a wind-up merchant fishing for a reaction… well you got it. I hope your mum’s proud…

RD says:

Nice Try

Yeah, nice try TAM, but Mandelson claimed responsibility himself, so he would (or can) be liable. Also, your “only if” is specious. That would never stop someone from getting sued, and laws are supposed to (I know you dont agree and think that those in power and your butt buddy bosses at the *IAA’s should be exempt) apply to everyone equally. No one is above the law, right? Get that dirty pirate, right? Throw the book at that dirty thief, right? Well, it works both ways.

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