Could Copyright Hold Back iPad Sales In Canada And Elsewhere?

from the ah,-licensing dept

As it’s become clear that the iPad is more of a “content delivery vehicle” than an interactive device (and there’s nothing wrong with that), people are quickly discovering how regional licensing issues and copyright may hold the device back in some areas. Apparently, as the device gets ready to launch in Canada, there are concerns that there won’t be very much content available for it. All that content that US companies rushed out to help “save” their businesses? Well, a lot of it isn’t licensed in Canada, and so the store of content available up there is likely to be greatly limited.

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Comments on “Could Copyright Hold Back iPad Sales In Canada And Elsewhere?”

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GuyFawkes says:

Silly publishers. Want to save their business and they’ll give all their power to Apple, who’ll start controling who can can cant sell stuff on their store, what can an cant be sold and in the future will profit from the subscription/taxes that they’ll charge from the publishers. To be clear: publishers will be in Apple’s hands. Lovely. Find you way on the Internet stupid publishers. Pay a lot of money to programmers and you find your way.

Colin (profile) says:

Re: Regional Coding

It’s not exactly regional coding. Its the fact that the content providers know what IP address you are hitting their server from and can tie that to a region. Sometimes you can get around it with a Proxy Server, plus the aforementioned American iTunes account, but it sure is a pain in the butt. Much easier just to use BitTorrent, or other convenient service.

The Mad Hatter (profile) says:

Who cares?

I’ve looked at the available apps for things like the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., and they really aren’t financially viable. And of course the IPad comes with a web browser, so why do you need them?

The apps that will do well, are the specialty ones like Music Reader, a digital music stand – this is great for musicians, rather than carry around a ten pound binder, you carry a 1.5 pound IPad, and it searches for you. The basic applications will be a disaster, just like they are a disaster on the IPhone, the value proposition doesn’t exist.

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