Another Lawsuit Over Costume Copyrights: Gorilla Holding A Cage

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Following our recent story about copyright on Mardis Gras costumes, it seems that now we’re hearing more and more about costume copyrights. THREsq points us to the news of a lawsuit involving the maker of those “gorilla holding a cage” Halloween costumes (pdf) claiming that a competing gorilla-holding-cage costume maker was violating its copyrights:

While there may be arguments over the copyrightability of the costume itself, notice that the lawsuit takes this even further, and throws in the claim of copyright inducement in asking retailers to sell the costume, with the argument being that the maker of the costume is now “inducing” the retailers to infringe.

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Comments on “Another Lawsuit Over Costume Copyrights: Gorilla Holding A Cage”

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AJB says:


Stagecraft evidently doesn’t want any competition on their $1,500 costume. They apparently are trying to keep the margins REALLY REALLY high. The competitor is selling the knockoff for $150 — a full 10 times less. Now, would you pay $1,500 when you could get it for $150? Stagecraft doesn’t want you to have that choice. Well, don’t think I’ll be doing any business with old Stagecraft~!

General Copyright (profile) says:

Oh My God

How the hell do you think we get new costumes every year! Do you think the Costume fairy just magically delivers brilliant new designs? NO these companies spend millions on designing, procurement and manufacturing! Why would they do that if they couldn’t re-coupe their investment!

Mike you seem to be against anyone thats creative. If it were up to you these guys would all starve in the streets, forced to make costumes in Time Square with a little latex fedora, begging passers by for spare change. Get this through you thick skull! If they cant earn a living by creating costumes they wont make new costumes. Imagine a world without costumes, imagine Halloween all the little children looking up at you through the awkwardly cut holes in their parents bed sheets. Just think about the children for once!

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