CyberDefender Threatens Consumer Advocate With Defamation Claim

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Allen Harkleroad alerts us to the news that a company called CyberDefender is a bit upset at Harkleroad’s recent stories that pointed out that two brands, advertising heavily about cleaning up your computer (MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed), appear to be connected to CyberDefender, despite attempts to hide the connection. He then highlighted some complaints against all three brands. CyberDefender responded by sending a legal threat letter, claiming defamation, and demanding the removal of the original posts.

Now, as is typical in such letters, the lawyers don’t actually state what is defamatory. However, the press release they point to concerning another website that was forced to “apologize” for calling MyCleanPC a “fake antispyware program,” does make it clear that MyCleanPC is, in fact, a product of CyberDefender. So, that’s clearly not the defamatory part. Everything else in the post is pretty much opinion. The only potential issue I can see is what he claims at the end of the post: “Like I said, same old scam, same old company,” which is similar to the title of the post as well. I could see how the company might be claiming that the use of the term “scam” is defamatory — and, you would think that before making that claim, Harkleroad would back it up with a bit more detail beyond just a link to a Google search page listing complaints. That said, as you start to dig through the complaints, I’m finding a pattern with a fair number of them (though certainly not all) “removed” for some reason or another.

I have no idea if any of these products/companies are really a “scam,” but I would imagine that trying to silence a consumer advocate for talking about their products might attract more attention from people who might start investigating how well their products work. If the products really do have problems, I would imagine that those problems are about to get a lot more attention.

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Comments on “CyberDefender Threatens Consumer Advocate With Defamation Claim”

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Ronald J Riley (profile) says:

Complaints Prima Facie Evidense

Large numbers of complaints and removal of complaints rather than a published retraction are in my opinion Prima Facie Evidence of a SCAM.

Ronald J. Riley,

I am speaking only on my own behalf.
President – – RJR at
Executive Director – – RJR at
Senior Fellow –
President – Alliance for American Innovation
Caretaker of Intellectual Property Creators on behalf of deceased founder Paul Heckel
Washington, DC
Direct (810) 597-0194 / (202) 318-1595 – 9 am to 8 pm EST.

The Infamous Joe (profile) says:

Re: Complaints Prima Facie Evidense

Seriously, pal, lose that ridiculous signature. It makes it hard to take you seriously even when I agree with you, and I do with this topic. It’s just that I don’t care how many made up groups you’re a director/president/vice chancellor of and it just makes you look like a pathetic old man trying to convince the rest of us that you’re a “somebody”.

You remind me of a peacock in a suit.

BearGriz72 (profile) says:

Re: MyCleanPC

McAfee SiteAdvisor = “McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis indicates that overall this site poses minimal security risks – however, please examine the detailed analysis to ensure you are comfortable with any risks.”


Web of Trust (WOT) community-based safe surfing tool = “Warning! This site has a poor reputation”

As you may know one of the things I do is PC Technical Support, and I also am skeptical of any software that claims to be able to fix a computer without human assistance. Troubleshooting tools are one thing (The Windows 7 Troubleshooters are are actually amazingly useful), but I have to say that one of the most annoying parts of my job is cleaning up the mess that these kind of programs make. These cleaning and registry optimizing programs usually cause more problems than thy solve.

malsdq says:

Re: Re: MyCleanPC & CyberDefender

I completely agree. It was installed on a friend’s computer. He had to contact their customer service/support line because his computer completely crashed. The guy on the other end of the line tried to sell him more stuff, scared him into thinking that there was spyware all over the place causing his computer to crash and worst of all, my friend was so desperate that he gave the tech guy access to his computer who told my friend that this spyware had disabled his Norton Anti virus. I told my friend that the guy from CyberDefender had actually disabled Norton and today we canceled the service and got all our money back. That being said, although when I tried to cancel they tried harder to keep me, they did satisfy me and provided a full credit. That warrants a small thumbs up for their service. But not enough to stay.

Allen Harkleroad (profile) says:


Thanks for posting this. I did video tape running their MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed software on two machines. One was a freshly installed Windows 7 machine (the software found nearly 1,000 errors on a machine that was up and running less than 24 hours), I then ran it on a fully patch but rarely used XP system that never had any problems (my video editing machine) and the software found over 3,000 errors. Problem is it only scans the registry but the TV clericals claim it removes email viruses and other stuff, but just scnning the registry for errors doesn’t find email viruses or other no registry items.

Anyway I have the videos put up in case they try something stupid like a SLAPP, Trade Libel or defamation suit (since it is a company I think their only legal route is trade libel). Of course I have the videos and have no problem demonstrating it in court to a judge and jury. They also trap consumers after the scan and send them to a page to buy access to the programs “cleaning” abilities, they try to up sell you for over $90.00 and trap you from closing the browser windows if you try to leave. You have to kill the browser process in task manager to escape the site.

Allen Harkleroad (profile) says:

CyberDefender's Attorneys

What’s even funnier is the “attorneys” that CyberDenfender retained to “scare” me are primarily in the business of Horse Veterinary Malpractice (Horses) and Estate (Dead People) Estate litigation. Seriously….

Check it out for yourself. You just can’t make up stuff like this! It’s gets funnier every time I dig a little deeper.

The truth is the ultimate defense in libel and defamation lawsuits…..

Horse malpractice attorneys.. I wish I was making this up…

IAmCanadian says:

Confirmed - total PoS, seems like scam to me

Just for fun, I started up a fresh windows XP SP3 virtual machine (I’m not about to try this on a real system). This VM is virginal – literally the state that Windows is in after you finish installation and reboot for the first time. I went to the web site, downloaded the “software”, installed it and let it run. Lo and behold – it tells me I have 532 errors found! What a shocker.

The CyberDefender program (that’s what it’s called) has options on the left like “Welcome”, “Scanning Options”, “Fix All Errors”, “Finish”. Of course, none of them actually work – the only buttons that work? “Activate Now” and “Fix All Errors and Speed Up Your PC” (they do the same thing). Clicking on either takes you to the website and asks you to pay $39.98 USD !?!?!? to fix the 532 supposed errors.

This sort of crap is not new. Unfortunately, the best thing to do is make sure you NEVER download or buy it, and educate friends and family members to avoid it as well.

Is it technically a scam? Well, I will say that their software is either:

a) hopelessly buggy and/or faulty, and actually *thinks* I have over 500 errors on a literally brand new Windows installation, in which case it is utterly useless and a rip off, or
b) a scam.

So are they crooks or morons? Maybe both?

harddavid (profile) says:

Re: Confirmed - total PoS, seems like scam to me

Well said! Of course it’s a scam, but I would challenge the ‘moron’ label — while their software may be moronic, their, ahem, business acumen is not. After all, if they can get suckers to pay $40 for software that does the OPPOSITE of what it claims (i.e. mess up your machine, not fix it), then they have my admiration. Taking advantage of a foolish public who cannot be bothered to check sites like this before they buy is something that, sad to say, happens way too often. AND they get away with it when challenged. So… Scam:1, Moron:0 😉

Wes Welch says:

Re: Confirmed - total PoS, seems like scam to me

They ran 2 scans: 1-spyware-0,2-anti-virus-0, & then said that he (tech)removed all of the infections (I couldn’t find any record/evidence of the Infections removed) Also, they aren’t on the top 23 of major Internet Security Companies.
$59.95 doesn’t seem like alot of monies. How about in the hundreds? (user link) says:



International Journal of Computer Applications

The best place to publish nonsensical papers!!!

Papers published by IJCA have no recognition in most Universities!!

Blacklisted by several universities in Europe, US and Asia!!

International Journal of Computer Applications


Mike says:

Cyber Defender

I used Cyber Defender Premium service after my computer was attacked by a malicious add-ware. They were able to kill the infection quickly. A Cyber Defender rep convinced me to purchase their support product. I later found out that killing the add-ware was a simple task easily performed by any technician – or even myself with proper guidance.

After installation, the Cyber Defender software scanned my computer and identified dozens of potential problems. It then killed them all. Afterwards, my computer would not reboot. I later learned that other users have complained that the Cyber Defender scan may identify operating system files as potentially harmful, and delete them. I guess this is what happened to me. Anyway, I spent days on line with Cyber Defender technicians who could never identify the problem. I reinstalled the operating system several times, erased the drive, etc… Even when I got the computer to boot, it would eventually crash. The Cyber Defender techicians finally told me that I needed a new motherboard.

I continued to play with the computer and gained a bit of an education. I finally got in touch with Microsoft in a final effort to salvage my PC. In 20 minutes some guy in India was able to walk me through a solution to all my problems – even though none of them had anything to do with any Microsoft software. I caution anyone against using Cyber Defender.

Repair and Support only works when it's LIVE says:

Fishy software at best, and free if you simply do a google search

I was going to link to them through a referral service, as i do a lot of onsite technical work for residents and small and medium companies. after reading this, i won’t. it is basically the same crap that the Vundo virus loads onto PCs without the owner knowing it.

S to the C to the A to the M.

SR says:

CyberDefender scam

Sooo yeah, I’m new here because of a google search, but I have been having problems with this software since I purchased. I run multiple antivur proggies and antimalware things….Cyberdefender continually downloads a file that ComputerAssociates calls a Win32/Bancos.PQZ virus.

I decided to call CyberDefender today to see what they said…the tech on the other end wanted me to give remote access of my machine to him…nah, I think NOT.

I have chosen to remove the software from my STARTUP files to see if this Win32/Bancos thing comes back…I swear it shows up at least 3 times a day now every day since installing CyberDefender.

No, my email here is not my main, but I’d be happy to see if anyone has had similar concerning instances from this company and possibly this “virus.”

threeoutside (user link) says:

I’ve gotten three phone calls from CyberDefender today, claiming they need my phone number to get the right person, quoting an email address composed of my legal name + a yahoo account that I have NEVER had, claiming they “need to clear up this account.” I’ve told them all three times that I have nothing to do with them. I don’t know how they got my phone number as it’s supposed to be both silent and unlisted; plus they used my legal name in the phony email address. What the hell do I do to get them to leave me alone? I’m nervous that with the info they’ve already got they could access my bank accounts or something. I’ve never even used their phony product, this baffles me.

Chris Smith says:

Is it a scam, with out a doubt

Funny, even my computer said …to down load their crap… “may harm your computer”. The last two scams like this one, [same” cyberdefender corp”] I put on a fresh reload computer to test its claims with no problems or web usage on the computer, and it still showed some 300 “errors” to which the known company “NORTON” Windoctor said the computer was fine, and my Legit AV soft ware keeps showing “no problems”. I have repaired dozens of computers this year that made this mistake, and then using a LEGIT AV company fixed the actual problems [mostly Cybers malware] and yes it costs around the same price, but over all it costs a far less than Cyberdefender because it actually fixes the real problems, including their installation.

Anonymous Coward says:

‘“then they have my admiration”

How Republican of you to say so, and some wonder why our country is in a mess for allowing criminals and republicans like this to not only flourish, but a pat on their back from you?’

You, sir, are a idiot. How does this have anything to do with petty politics?

If I see something like this advertised on TV over and over I will automaticly assume it is a scam. If I am curious enough I will research the product and the results from that scream “SCAM!” I tremor at the thought that people are falling for it.

Chris says:

Those who want easy money and consider that scamming is ok?

“then they have my admiration”

The author who wrote this sounds very republican to me, always looking to rip off the country. A Free meal, easy money, and they wonder why the country is screwed up. Almost as good as the 114 members of the republican party signing a bill to “Protect BP” at the cost of our country and wild life, and then blaming the president for getting the money out of them in advance for their damages. The only shake down going on there is with Cyberware [and protectors of BP] for the purpose of greed and easy money.

Anthony Quatroni (user link) says:


Cyberdefender is a SCAM. CleanMyPC, MyCleanPC and are all fronts being used to steer the consumer away from the fact that the only software these “companies” sell is Cyberdefender. Case in Point: I installed a perfectly new and clean copy of Windows XP, Windows Vista dna Windows 7 on a test PC and run Cyberdefender. It finds over 100 “problems” on each machine. Scareware of the worst kind. Wanna sue me for saying this? Try and go for it. I dare ya. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. So there. I will countersue you for false advertising, selling useless software to the public and making misleading comments in your commercials and online.



As I read These posts I see one thing that bothers me,
there seems to be a lot of tech savy people responding and asking how could anyone ever even think of using this type of software.
well perhaps you have to remember there is a very large segment of Americans that were not brought up in the
COMPUTER AGE,those of us in our 50’s and 60’s who for one reason or another are not in the work force have no computer knowledge and we depend on certain sites to advise us.In my case I always go to cNet before buying any new electronic’s or software such as this.cNet gace cyber defender a great rating,it wasn’t until i was trapped by a $389.00 contract that i realized these people could drive a hot nail through a snow bank.Their telephone people are well
trained into making you feel you need them,on the other side
there technicians couldn’t fix a screw that might have come loose during shipping.
I have everything documented and since I have a great relationship with the bank that issued the credit card i used,i don’t feel I’ll have a problem getting my money back
but please don’t make us feel stupid by posting “how could anyone…..”we feel takenj already and rubbing salt into the wound won’t help us.I wish i knew someone like some of these posters that are computer savy and could fix my pc.
unfortunately i don’t so i got taken by cyber defender
i will get my money back though trust me on that one.




Lynee Miller says:


Can someone please contact me on where I can get reliable serve with no scams I am a former customer of CyberDefender Premium Customer. Everytime you call for Tech support it takes them 7 to 9 hours for $199 a month for 3 months which covers a year. Before I had their service I did not have this many problems with my computer it’s running slower than ever

jitters says:

cyberdefender scam

I went to mycleanpc for a free scan. It totally locked me out of everthing including task manager, control panel and system restore.
I could no longer access internet and porn url’s kept popping up in the address bar. I called cyberscam and they informed me that the anti virus could not actually remove a virus but they would remove it for around $200. She said geeksquad charges $300. After a few choice words i went to work trying to irradicate cyberscam from my pc. It was not easy but it is possible and my computer is now working.
This is definitely a scam!

frmr cydef worker says:

Re: cancellation


that’s just it. EVERY complaint/resolution/money back calls are transferred to the supervisors who are trained to say NO.

As a former Cyberdefender employee, the best solution is the THIS: call your credit card company. Cyberdefender is scared of chargebacks. I know for this a fact. Contact Cydef once, write down the time, person u spoke with and that’s the only thing that the CC co needs. That an effort was made to call the company to resolve the issue.

And oh BTW, NEVER say you are SATISFIED after every service because we have ONE person whose only job is to listen to to recordings all day long watching/waiting for that phrase from the customer, If U said it and every call is recorded, then u will have a more difficult time getting your money back.

watch out guys.

davebarnes (profile) says:

They did not help MY personal computer

I called them and installed LogMeIn Rescue so the tech could look at my machine.
He then told me that I could upgrade the processor on my machine when I told him that I wanted a faster machine.
It is an iMac and the CPU is soldered to the logic board.

By the way. They install the in a non-normal location that took me over an hour to find. Bastards.

Fran says:

I’m pissed off that those commercial target people, they have no idea what they install there and i’m the one who has to fix the results.
Anyway, check out the comments from some user on
Especially those from

So you place really long reviews for advertisement every few minutes?!

frmr cydef worker says:

a frmr Cydef employee here...

It’s been awhile since I left Cydef months ago and it inferior product.

The SpeedmyPc nonsense is basically this: a registry cleaner, copied and labeled Cybderdefender. Now why would u pay for something that is free? Our AV office suite is McAfee for crying out loud because even our IT guy knew Cydef sucked big time.

Now here’s the best part: those intense scare sales tactics was a new program designed to move from piss-poor sales of the AV product to a “service’. basically, to scare people into hiring our techs to remove malware. The registry cleaner was a joke, so’s the AV, so how does the company make money? “Malware removal service’ for $239/yr.

I still remember our CSR’s start crying when PO’d customers call back demanding someone remove the program from their pc.

thomas says:

cyberdefender crooks

I foolishly got taken in by theses people,i don’t know exactly what i am going to do,but i hate to see them get away with what they are doing.I called every day for several days after getting involved with them.The y each time put some else on it.I HAD TO STRAIGHTEN THE COMPUTERS OUT MY SDELF.aNY WAY THEY WOULD NOT RETURN MY MONEY.dO ALL YOU CAN TO PREVET SXOME ELLSE FROM BEING TAKEN BY THEM tHANKS,

thomas says:

cyberdefender crooks

I foolishly got taken in by theses people,i don’t know exactly what i am going to do,but i hate to see them get away with what they are doing.I called every day for several days after getting involved with them.The y each time put some else on it.I HAD TO STRAIGHTEN THE COMPUTERS OUT MY SDELF.aNY WAY THEY WOULD NOT RETURN MY MONEY.dO ALL YOU CAN TO PREVET SXOME ELLSE FROM BEING TAKEN BY THEM tHANKS,

Fred Thomas says:

This is indeed a scam. I have paid a great deal of money, and I must admit, that I failed to check them out first. But I have the service, and they have worked on my computer for at least 15 hours the first week, in 5 different sessions, not to mention another 15 or more hours that they had it tied up waiting for a tech. The problems that I still have now, after all of that, are from cyberdefender. The first two days of sessions totaling 14 hours, left my computer freezing up every hour, which only happened once a week before. The third tech on the third day, said the problem was that the first two techs must have been new, because they failed to properly remove my old virus service.

dango579 says:

Do NOT download this software. NOT EVEN THE FREE TRIAL

After my Norton subscription expired, I wanted to save a few dollars on my next antivirus software. BAD IDEA. I fell for the free trial thing. After I ran it, and it found so many “threats” I was indicated I had to buy the product in order to have them removed. At $ 39.99 I thought it was a steal as compared to $ 60 from Norton. A week later, I bought a computer for my business and decided to buy the same software for this one also. BIG MISTAKE. I tried to have them to give me a discount, but they’d said I had to purchase their software the same day in order to qualify for any discount. “No biggie”, I thought. “ I got a great software at a very low price”, and boy I couldn’t get any more wrong.
After the 3rd month, my home computer started to give me errors, I ran the software and nothing. I called them and one of their “technicians” got remote control of my computer and found a virus. He started to put fear on me about how hackers could access my bank accounts, ssn and other types of personal and financial information. Since I had saved my tax info in my hard drive, I got a little paranoid about having my id stolen, and that’s what the guy on the telephone was emphasizing on. I thought it was very low to try to scare people by saying that, but the saddest part is that I fell for that.
I was told I had to pay them around $ 300 to have it fixed and that this premium purchase would protect up to 3 different computers. I asked them why I had to pay if I had paid for an antivirus that didn’t do what it was supposed to do. I was told that no antivirus in the market was 100% reliable, and that I could’ve got a virus even with my previous Norton software.
The sales pitch also included price comparison with best buy geek Squad prices and the bad actor I had as a sales rep just kept whispering “oh my God, this is terrible” as he was going through the “infected” files.
Needless to say, I was dumb enough to fall for it and paid for that premium. My computer was fixed after 25 minutes of remote access from those people. Here comes the interesting part:
For my second purchase, I’d used a different email address and another billing address, because it was for my business, and almost a year before my subscription was up, guess what…. A VIRUS!!!!!! My business computer was acting crazy. I called them, and I was given a very similar sales pitch. I was even told the same thing about antivirus not being 100% effective. When they started to tell me about the cost to fix my computer, I told them I was a premium customer under a different email address, they checked it and fixed my work computer.
My guess is that these people either damage their customers’ computers with their software or that they leave bugs behind so that computers will get infected in order for them to sell the premium services.
Just today, a message showed up in my computer saying that my software was for auto renewal sometime next month. I called them and I told them I didn’t want to be charged again for their lousy product. They tried to give me discounts, free trials, etc. I told them if I noticed any charges from them to get ready to get sued.

mohd hisham (profile) says:

Re: Do NOT download this software. NOT EVEN THE FREE TRIAL

I was charged to my credit card auto renewal of USD29.99 without my approval at all! Probably knowing that my location is outside USA. I am disputing the charge with my bank now.
All the above is true. My computer was really acting crazy. My notebook (which happen to be Sony Vaio) have to be sent back to the the service center here for total hard disk clean up.

sassy girl (user link) says:

Re: Do NOT download this software. NOT EVEN THE FREE TRIAL


I would just like to tell you that cyberdefener is not leaving something on your computer so that a virus will enter and destroy your computer. those things that have been saved are actually tools that help the technician to remove the virus on your computer. It’s also not cyberdefender’s fault if your computer gets a trojan which is a fake security software that disguised as a good software thus the reason why cyberdefender can not detect it . those trojans will reveal its true identity when it’s already on your computer.

hope you observe professionalism on whatever you say.


LupinePredator says:

Re: Re: Do NOT download this software. NOT EVEN THE FREE TRIAL

Sassy Girl, YOU are either, A.) a complete idiot, or B.) an employee of CyberDefender. This company ranks right up there with – another complete scam that does NOT clean your PC, but rather INFECTS your machine. This has been demonstrated over and over and over again by reputable security companies and computer techs globally.

The software first INFECTS your machine, then the company charges you repeatedly to clean it up – which it never quite manages to do, of course. Why would it? That would mean a loss of potential revenue.

CyberDefender, and their kissin’ cousin, Ascentive, are both nothing but completely dishonest, fraudulent companies that exist solely to bilk customers of money. The “repairs” that they claim to make are issues that are first CAUSED by their respective products, and are all issues that even a complete novice to virus issues can repair with just a small amount of guidance.




Just to thank you.

Very many sincere thanks for your coming up with your angelic article on CyberDefebder and its two other names. I was about getting into the trap of MyCleanPC by trying to download and install the TV software advertised by the dubious company, when I saw your’beware’ article. When i read through it, I felt as if it was a message from beyond, because once I went as far as getting CyberDefender free download of a similar software into my system, but I got to the page I was asked to buy it, I quickly cancelled the downloading. Then like you correctly said, I couldn’t get out of the page. All I knew then what to do was to shut my system down. But when I read your article I presumed it is possible I still have part of their stuff still in my system Registry. I know how to maneuver safely in the Registry, but I have no idea of what part of it I shall look for the damned thing. Can you please kindly help me in this case. Thanks for your article which saved my system; and indeed for your time, attention and prompt response. Live long to save people like me from the yoke of these ill-doers.



Don (user link) says:

CyberDefender Is A BIG SCAM

Yes!… This company is a scam. Their uninstall program DOES NOT work. I found out that these guys were a bunch of SCAMMERS when I got someone on the phone from India. These guys had a script event though my problem had NOTHING to do what he was telling me. I switched to a new program and my computer freezes up every few day. I thought I had UNINSTALL the CyberDefender software, but when I checked there were still some REGISTRY entries. Once I removed those entries, and perform a few more things, my systems is NOW FINE. I do not want to say too much of what I did to fix my system, because then they “CyberDefender” will know that informed and knowledgeable consumers are on to their SCAM..I think these guys had some type of TROJAN on my computer. These people should be reported to the FTC and the FBI, because what they are doing is CRIMINAL.

J. Hudnell SR (user link) says:

Cyberdefender Crashed my computer

I was having a slow down problem with my machine so I down loaded Cyberdefender for free session. Well it ended up costing me $89.00 to run the program in order to remove some items that cyberdefender indicated was the problem. My computer crashed after 35 days of running Cyberdefender and it cost me $200.00 to get it fixed.

When I contacted them, they said my 30 day trail was over???

They offered to do a remote system check for free!!!! NOT going to happen!!!


I say its a scam and too bad to anyone that uses any of Cyberdefender products. I say tell everyone you can NOT to use any of there products.

If you have had a problem with Cyberdefender, please post your views every where you can.

We need to stop companies like this from doing business.

I hope they put the owner in jail for fraud.

J. Hudnell SR

cecelia says:

something not right

I had the free Cyberdefender version and in an effort to get me to purchase the paid version I was being interupted constantly when i get on line eventually i bought it only to find out it did nothing for my pc so i was prompted to contact a technition who got mad when I told him I wanted to get a second opinion as he wanted me to allow him to fix my pc for 300 dollars same day.Good thing i knew a bit about pc and they are not consumer friendly its my second bad experience with them.Bluntly told me my pcs are going to crash and i had to fix them now.I am of the opinion that Cyberdefender mimics a crash then they become the heroes.

Little Lisa says:


If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

I don’t think stating your opinion backed by facts that a company is running a scam should even be given a second thought as defamation. Free speech?

Another thing…if your are a legit company, why would you have to throw out the “big guns” (horse lawyer haha) for one person’s opinion, unless you feel threatened?

It is unfortunate that companies like this get away with taking advantage of the mass public for as long as they do. At the same time, I would hope people would start to educate themselves a little bit more, before just jumping in to something.

sassy girl (user link) says:

I don't think so


I don’t think that Cyberdefender is actually messing up your computer people. For some reasons, if this company is a SCAM then there wouldn’t be any operation and government might have sued them long time ago. But you see? The service is still available and a lot of people is really enjoying cyberdefender service. But anyway, I believe that every feeling is suppose to be respected.


Rich Golding says:

not doing repairs

I resently contracted with Cyber Defender at the cost of $389.99 on March 29, 2011 which was to do all repairs to my (2) computers, I have called them and the connect me to a tech. BUT!!!!! they say they will call us back, which never happens, I want a full refund,due to not servicing as promised, they have been called several times just tonight and I’m connected to India, they all lie and say they will fix it right away, after 25 mins. still on hold, this company is a big rip-off and i waht something done about no service, and a full refund

Initiative Legal Group (user link) says:

It's time to take action against Cyberdefender

It seems that there are is endless number of people who have experienced problems with Cyberdefender. It’s truly outrageous.

We are a California law firm who is interested in fighting for the rights of dissatisfied Cyberdefender customers living in California.

Please call Stephen Gamber, Esq. at 800-590-2535 to discuss. You may also send us an email at

George N DeLange says:

It is a scam company

I had their services and I would not have had the problem except that their trojan horse attacked my computer. Then I payed to have it fixed which made it worse. I had to have it cleaned by a reputable company.

I am out a total of about $600 thanks to them.

Now they are wasting my time with a class action lawsuit where I might get back $10 to waive my right to sue them.

The class action suit is almost as bad a scam as they are.

nCYDEr says:

CyberDefender is not a scam, just poorly managed

There have been a lot of changes within CyberDefender since this article was originally written. CyberDefender (CYDE) went on a hiring binge for both internal and outsourced employees only to end up purging many and repeating the process again and again like a Bulemic getting ready for the Prom.CYDE’s software has recently caused a settlement of almost $10 million which many thought would be the straw that broke our back; it may be. CYDE will soon give up on REG and EDC. We’re soon going to be licensing software from another company.We are currently restructuring with management being effectively replaced by Guthy-Renker. Soon, they will be trimming the fat again by laying off some of the less productive employees. Tomorrow is the last day for Sam S the VP in charge of Sales and the Call Center. The sales dept at CYDE has a lot of new faces. CYDE claims they have 500 techs to support 800,000 customers. It’s half that number of techs, most of which are outsourced (less experienced and cheaper to hire), and soon to be less. CYDE employees have always felt it’s an unstable place to work but it’s now getting to the point of panic. Most experienced employees are actively looking elsewhere for employment instead of just passively as before.For all current customers of CYDE, if you are concerned about the level of service you recently received, you have a justified reason to be.For anybody looking to give CYDE money, why?CYDE is now trading for under $1. I’m glad I never bought stock here.

Michael says:

My Clean PC IS a scam I said it, take me to court!

I’ve been in IT for about 15 years. I currently support abut 400 users.
The claims made on the TV commerical are obviously fraudulent.
I’ve used most if not all of the major antivirus and antimalware programs, free and paid. This company has never been one any tech I ever met used or recommended for ANY software.
I can’t believe they haven’t been sued out of existance for their fraudulent claims.
Search the internet, you will find endless testimonies to the criminal, yes I said criminal, activity of this company.
Hopefully one day congress will clue into things and pass strict laws making mass fraud and scams such a dangerous proposition it won’t be so widespread.
So there it is, I said it, MyCleanPC and their parent company is one big scam run by criminals.
They are welcome to take me to court, where I would happily see them lose a heck of a lot of money in a counter suit… Followed by criminal charges and a thorough investigation by the FCC.

Maria R. Mojica (profile) says:

Cyberdefender scamming customer!!

I hae a brand new computer, I’ve had other antivaris on other computers, however I decided to try Cyberdefender on
this new computer.(6 months old). I have experienced nothing but problems with this program. I’ve paid over $1000.00 dollars to protect my valuable computer (Dell Inspiron) thier service is not to what they advertise. Today 11-22-11 after complaining that my PC was running to slow they told me that they would stop the cyberdefender from running at the begining when my computer would start. This would leave me unprotected. I would not have any protection whatsoever. I was fuming and stated I wanted to talk with customer service. Over 15 minutes passed and no one answered my call. Very Unprofessional. And a tactic to defuse me from complaining.. How can I get my money back for a serive not rendered?

the Saltyone says:

Norton is heading in the same direction

A 30 day trial came with my laptop Norton. I uninstalled it & installed my ISP’s suite of McAfee free. With the new laptop came also a program called TOSHIBA LAPTOP CHECKUP. This program is NORTON & when it runs it never fails to find threats which are cookies also ad using that performance is fair & offering expert help for a price. Close 2 a scam but not there YET

Mark says:

I have problems as well

My Cyberdefender ran out was over 3 months ago i never realy used the backup system so i took it out of my PC well insted of calling me and asking me if i was still interested in the product they went ahead and took $9.99 out of my account little did they no it left me with $1.00 I am on a fixed income and that money they took was for food for myself now it dosent seem like a lot of money to sume but to me it is and the took it in 1 day but i cant get it back for 7 to 10 days

Chicken says:

Scary place to work

It is a scam. I used to work there in the L.A. office and I know what goes on. Had to quit cause I didn’t have the stomach for it when I figured out what was going on. They purposely hire people to handle the phones that have little to zero computer knowledge, so these workers are easy to fool into thinking what they are selling is golden. It is the greediest workplace I have every seen. By the way, when they tell you that you are speaking with a technician, you are really talking to a salesperson with no computer skills other than to connect to your computer.

JonathanTiede says:

Cyber Defender charges!

I accidentally must have agreed to purchase this software. On July 11th, 2013 I was charged $39.98…automatic renewal. I missed the e-mail coming to my yahoo telling me I was gonna get an automatic renewal. Okay fine, I’ll cancel now. On July 11th, 2013 I was charged 3 times…count it, 3 times for the same renewal. Then on July 15th I was charged yet again for a yearly subscription. If I go out and look at the yearly subscription it was for one year, one charge…so why did I get charged 4 times for a one year subscription? Well, I’ve put in my complaints….and have gotten no satisfaction. These guys/gals ripped me off of $119.94. I had my bank call them…and this manager of the bank went around and around and around and around…and finally got somebody to say, yep, in a week we’ll credit his account….has never happened, it’s been over a month.

This company is a complete scam!!! They ripped me off!!! I do not have $119 to just throw away.


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