Obama Administration Warns Australia About Its Internet Censorship Plan

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With the latest in a long line of attempts by the Australian gov’t to censor the internet in a manner similar to China, it seems that its plans have finally caught the attention of the US government. The State Department has apparently raised concerns about the plan with the Australian government. The specifics of the comments to the Australian gov’t were not made clear beyond “we have raised our concerns on this matter.” Of course, those comments might carry a bit more weight if US politicians didn’t keep suggesting similar (if not quite as stringent) plans in the US as well…

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Comments on “Obama Administration Warns Australia About Its Internet Censorship Plan”

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jus (user link) says:

Re: please

sadly both parties are the same and they don’t work for the people but big business aka “new world order”.. they(nwo/illuminati) want us monitored ..they will get it.. they want us licensed and chip and sterilised ..they will get it. fucking government has hijacked the world and is on a plan of one world government where the eliteare the sovereigns alone. 1984 is really 2010.

Richard (profile) says:

They might carry more weight if the Senator behind the legislation (Stephen Conroy) paid attention to them too. In a recent radio segment he was asked specifically about the US raising concerns about the filter, his response was “I haven’t been told anything”. Which makes sense, there are channels that have to be followed, so the US guys would be talking to Australias foreign affairs people, not to the communications minister. Still, you’d think somebody might have passed on a memo.

CMK (profile) says:

Stephen Conroy's plan

Be it Steve Fielding’s plan or Stephen Conroy’s plan (since they both seem to support it)… it’s a ridiculously stupid plan. Yes, it would even be possible to base the next election on it, as it is so incredibly controversial. Someone really should tell someone to drop it like a hot potato, before it causes any more damage. The question is: Who is going to yell loud enough that such a disengaged communications minister can hear?

Anonymous Coward says:

Well as of this arvo he says he’s heard nothing from the Obama administration : http://tinyurl.com/ycnk2nm

‘Senator Conroy also said he was unaware of complaints the Obama administration said it had raised with the government over the policy.’ March 30, 2010 – 1:15PM (AEDST – GMT+11) Posted 1130pm (to avoid confuserificationisming people).
But yeah, the filter is sadly an attempt to get a few votes in parliament from some crazies who will likely want Darwsinism banning next.. sigh

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