More ACTA Leaks: Would Create Special Organization To Manage Worldwide Copyright Laws

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The more of ACTA that leaks, the worse it seems. KEI has the details on another portion of ACTA that had not leaked yet, which focuses on setting up new institutions that would manage ACTA after it was implemented. Basically, it would be an ongoing organization tasked with continuing to update ACTA’s rules — sort of a parallel organization to WIPO, which already exists, but which has recently committed the mortal sin of actually listening to consumer rights groups. The scary part is that this group would be allowed to amend ACTA provisions on the fly. And, while this new organization can “extend invitations” to governments, it’s still being debated what non-governmental organizations will be able to take part. KEI notes that the “USTR has told members of Congress it is their intention to marginalize the participation by consumer interest organizations in the new forum,” though does not provide a citation for this point.

Either way, it seems like the goal here is to create an extra-governmental body that effectively controls copyright law around the globe, with little input from the actual governments or the people they represent. And, of course, if the folks involved in ACTA negotiations are any indication of who will be involved in this group, you can assume that they will be strong supporters of the viewpoint of the legacy industries: that intellectual property law is designed solely to protect those industry’s business models, and not to promote the wider progress of culture and the economy.

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Comments on “More ACTA Leaks: Would Create Special Organization To Manage Worldwide Copyright Laws”

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i have feeling canada won't either

and when the world wakes up tomorrow and sees this crap,
there will be some countries that quickly back off and this is what that US ambassador meant about if it were public some countries would back out.

ANY DEMOCRATIC country signing onto this cannot call it self democratic after this.


John says:

As an publisher I have had enough with people stealing my content! Those places called “public libraries” are nothing but piracy centers! People read the entire book for free and I get no money at all! People that go into a bookstore and read more than one page are stealing. It is plain and simple. If you want to read more than one page of my book then the rate is $1.00 a page. My calculations show that I have lost $100 trillion in income. We publishers need to lobby congress and provide more laws that restrict what people can do with a copyright holders content.

My suggestions:
1) Shutdown public libraries.
2) Shutdown used book stores.
3) People should pay $1.00 per page for any book they read in a bookstore.
4) Outlaw lending a book to someone else.
5) Shutdown the entire Internet. The Internet is nothing but piracy. Plain and Simple

Hephaestus (profile) says:

“USTR has told members of Congress it is their intention to marginalize the participation by consumer interest organizations in the new forum”

The government of the people, for the people, no longer needs the people. The USTR’s views disturb me in a very profound and deep way. I need to think about this to figure out a methodology that will make ACTA inconsequential.

Richard (profile) says:

Re: Re:

there is little to prove that any of this is true.
and, because of the secrecy, nothing to prove it false.

Now if it were public you could easily demonstrate that this is just scare tactics – because it is secret you can’t.

It is a reasonable guess that, because the ACTA negotiators love the darkness of secrecy, their deeds are evil.

If there is nothing to worry about why is it secret?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: revolution

Unfortunately public opinion seems to play little role when it comes to U.S. law. However, if enough members of the public bombard congress with people and demand something with force, they can get their way, just like with the Do Not Call registry. We just have to be much more forceful about it and we need more protesters and we must let congress know that we will not go away until they act in OUR best interest.


us law hahahaha

this game is called BULLSHIT

and here’s the real question what god damn threat of non disclosure on democratic nations is the USA and Britain threatening that other nations are just not outing the rest of the agreement

ya thats got me wondering
did obamanator threaten invasions , trade sanctions like he did to canada and mexico as in leaving NAFTA?

Jack Oneil says:

are our politicians MEN or mice

do they have any balls left
are they men or lil wimpering mice
here kitty , i have a leash for you

go figure the usa is going down the bad end of a cliff and trying to take us all with them.

kinda how two large banks in Canada made 2.8 billion in 3 months and the canuck govt goes and NOW gives them 5 billion more

YEA this shit must end
think of the trillions that isn’t doing anyhting
what are we doing funding the stargate program?

Flakey says:


Face it, no matter how you decorate the pig, it’s still a pig.

As more of ACTA comes to light the more we see the reason why no one has wanted anyone to know about it outside the insider loop. The purpose to keep it hidden until it’s a done deal is that no one would accept it, knowing what’s in it.

There’s nothing in here except protectionism for an industry that’s gone rabid against it’s customer base. More and more, I want no products that that I buy to fund the major entertainment corps. It’s things like ACTA that reaffirm this attitude.

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