Judge Decides That Fake Giraffe Attack Story Is Protected Free Speech

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A few weeks back, we were a bit concerned about a judge’s decision to force offline a satirical “news story” about a fake giraffe attack at the Global Wildlife Center in Louisiana. Just because GWC was worried that some people might take the story seriously, it doesn’t remove the First Amendment rights of the creators of the satirical site. Thankfully, the judge now agrees and has removed the injunction and ordered GWC to pay the legal costs of the site’s creators. The judge noted that while the center had some concerns about how the article was viewed, it doesn’t change the fact that the content is protected free speech as satire.

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Comments on “Judge Decides That Fake Giraffe Attack Story Is Protected Free Speech”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: The original

There is a disclosure disclosing the fact that it’s not real. Not sure if it was there before.

If the disclosure wasn’t there before then perhaps the judge shouldn’t have demanded that legal fees be paid. The site actually looks like it was intended to be factual to a casual reader, especially someone who didn’t know any better, and perhaps instead of an injunction the judge could have demanded that some sort of disclosure be posted somewhere indicating that this was satire? Maybe in this situation it’s obviously satire but even so a disclosure wouldn’t hurt. I guess I just have mixed feelings about this.

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