Band 'Releases' New Album Via Chatroulette

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By now you’ve probably heard of the latest internet fad, Chatroulette, which has been pretty much covered to death in the media (though, not us, until now). If, by some amazing chance, you’ve missed out on this, the best summary would probably be Jon Stewart’s amusing take on it:

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However, the reason we’re mentioning it here is that Mathew Ingram alerts us to the news that a band going by the rather catchy name of Holy Fuck has decided to leak its new album via Chatroulette. Of course, since Chatroulette is totally random, there’s no way to actually find it, except by accident — meaning you’re not going to find it, and as the reporter at the link above discovered, you have a pretty high likelihood of running into something that might disgust you. Still, an amusing marketing gimmick all around.

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Comments on “Band 'Releases' New Album Via Chatroulette”

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reboog711 (profile) says:

It's about Time

I’ve had some fun playing my guitar on Chatroulette.

If I were in still in a band; I’d be doing live concerts this way. Get a screen recorder; put the camera on you, hit “next”, and then start performing.

Censor the “questionable” stuff (or not depending on your audience) and release as a video.

I’m not surprised other folks are doing similar promo stuff for their music.

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