Is Amazon Blocking Reviews Of Assassin's Creed Over DRM Issues? [Update]

from the civil-disobedience dept

See update below. Well, well, well. You may recall back in 2008, when EA used annoying DRM on Spore, consumers revolted by giving the game one-star reviews on Amazon. There was some controversy when Amazon deleted some of those reviews — but it claimed it was just a glitch (the algorithm treated so many rapid one-star reviews as an attack of some kind). However, it’s now become quite popular when someone selling books or games does something stupid, for people take to Amazon to express their displeasure in one-star reviews.

So what’s happening with Assassin’s Creed 2 — the Ubisoft game that is using incredibly annoying DRM and has had trouble keeping its servers up. Well… reader Aaron points out that for the PC version of the game Amazon appears to be showing no reviews at all. Either it deleted them or has proactively blocked the reviews. Of course, the reviews somehow are magically working for the PlayStation3 and Xbox versions of the game… Funny how that works.

Update: Some are pointing out that since the PC version isn’t officially released until tomorrow, that could explain the lack of reviews on Amazon. They also note that elsewhere, such as in the UK, there are numerous angry one-star reviews…

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Comments on “Is Amazon Blocking Reviews Of Assassin's Creed Over DRM Issues? [Update]”

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PEBKAC (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“This item will be released on March 9, 2010.”

US Amazon doesn’t let you rate until the product’s actually available, at least that’s what I’ve always experienced, so tomorrow may see something quite different.

(I think UK Amazon *does* permit rating prior to availability? That’s what I recall with Spore, but perhaps I’m mistaken.)

Robert Ring (profile) says:

I just looked at this, and it looks like the PC version is the only one not released yet. So, it could be that Amazon’s system watches for unreleased games that get tons of reviews and blocks those, perhaps on the grounds that an unreleased game couldn’t possibly have that many reviews by people who have actually played it.

I sure hope so, at least. Otherwise, this’ll pretty much render Amazon reviews defunct.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Retaliatory reviews like this are BS

How is this abuse?

A 1 star rating is a clear sign not to buy the product. If it’s getting a crap rating because of the DRM, then reviewers are clearly saying “There is something bad about this product, don’t buy it”.

Using the system like it’s supposed to be used is not abuse.

Aaron (profile) says:


So, being the person who pointed this out, I thought it was odd because I have sold products through Amazon before and was able to rate them before release. I alway rate my own stuff :).

Granted, I don’t sell video games, rather custom cables for connecting your smart phone to the OBD2 port on your car. Perhaps different rules for different product types.

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