Topeka (Sorta) Changes Its Name To Google, In Blatant Suck Up For Fiber

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With Google’s announcement that it plans to roll out super fast fiber to the home services in a few small locations, there are plenty of cities and towns hoping to be among the lucky few. But who knew it was a contest? Apparently the folks in Topeka, Kansas think that sucking up to the big G is the path to fiber optic nirvana. They’ve proclaimed that, for the month of March, Topeka shall be referred to as Google, Kansas. It’s not a legal name change — which (not surprisingly) would be a lot more complex, and likely wouldn’t pass — but just a proclamation that the city should be called Google for the month.

Of course, cities renaming themselves after tech companies isn’t all that new. Over a decade ago, some town in Oregon renamed itself in a PR stunt by the startup (which was later bought by eBay). And, a few years ago, a small town in Texas renamed itself Dish, Texas after EchoStar’s Dish Network, in exchange for every house in the town getting a free DVR and free satellite TV for 10 years. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a city pre-emptively (sorta) renaming itself to curry favor with a company.

But, if it works… I’m more than willing to rename my house Chez Google, if it means 1 gigabit per second fiber. Hell, I’m pretty sure I could convince all of the neighbors on my street to rename our street Google Ave. Just let us know…

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Comments on “Topeka (Sorta) Changes Its Name To Google, In Blatant Suck Up For Fiber”

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Beta says:

How is this different from nothing?

And what’s the penalty for refusing to go along with this joke? I imagine the telephone operators, postmasters, notaries public and 911 coordinators aren’t paying much attention to it. I doubt that birth, death or marriage certificates will show it, or train schedules, or, well… anything except the legislative minutes and a few pieces of editorial fluff. And these legislators get paid how much per hour?

Greevar (profile) says:

Well now. Isn’t this interesting? Somebody mentions offering 1 Gbit internet and every municipality is clamoring to get the honor. This just goes to show how much people really want something more than 1.5 Mbit internet service. Take note telecoms.

“A 100 meg is just a dream,” Qwest Communications International Inc Chief Executive Edward Mueller told Reuters. “We couldn’t afford it.”

Then Japan and Korea must have magic internet fairies.

“First, we don’t think the customer wants that. Secondly, if (Google has) invented some technology, we’d love to partner with them,” Mueller added.

Translation: “We don’t think people want it for the price we’ll charge…”


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