Australian Censor Master Censors His Own Tagcloud To Hide Anger Over Censorship

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Stephen Conroy, the Australian Communications Minister who is the point man on pushing through Australia’s latest plan to censor the internet, has apparently been caught doing a bit more local censoring. Yeebok points us to the news that Conroy’s own website has a tagcloud, highlighting what people are searching for, but the script that generates the tagcloud automatically blocks the phrase “ISP filtering” from appearing in the cloud. What’s most amazing, of course, is that Conroy’s tech staff is apparently so clueless that they included this in the javascript which anyone could read, rather than, at the very least, hiding it serverside. Amazing. He’s apparently so unable to backup his own position that he has to hide behind a weak technology hack to pretend that people aren’t concerned about his plan to censor the internet. Perhaps instead of “ISP filtering” people should start searching for “censorship” on his site to see what happens…

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Comments on “Australian Censor Master Censors His Own Tagcloud To Hide Anger Over Censorship”

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Derek (profile) says:

Stupid web developer

Had a look at the page. Whoever did it wasn’t the smartest cookie. Which is good for us because we are now seeing what should have been handled by the server and invisible. Basically that large ‘a’ variable is some dump of tags from posts without any processing. The script then counts the tag and produces the cloud. Really wasteful because all the processing is being done on the web browser and it’s more data to download. An experienced developer would have done in at the server end and just dumped down the tags and relative importance. No script involved.

angry dude says:

Already made up his mind

“The live pilot will provide evidence on the real-world impacts of ISP content filtering, including for providers and internet users. It will provide evidence to assist the Government in the implementation of its policy.”

The second sentence says it all really. CON-roy has already decided what the outcome will be before the pilot is concluded.

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