Verizon Wireless Blocks 4chan; You Would Think It Would Remember What Happened When AT&T Did That

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Last summer, due to a DDOS attack emanating from IP addresses connected to 4chan, AT&T temporarily blocked access to 4chan… without giving a full explanation for why. If you know 4chan, you know why this is a bad idea. It took very little time for the 4chan community to retaliate (and, as you know, no one “retaliates” like 4chan “retaliates”), and only a few days later, when AT&T explained what happened, did 4chan back off. So, now comes the news this weekend that Verizon Wireless is blocking 4chan (this is just Verizon Wireless, not Verizon), and the company seems to be making the same mistake. No clear explanation of why. I’m sure there’s a reason that Verizon Wireless can give, but not explaining that immediately seems like a huge mistake. Update: Not surprising, but looks like the same reasoning as AT&T’s temporary block last year. Still doesn’t explain why the company wasn’t upfront in explaining it.

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless Blocks 4chan; You Would Think It Would Remember What Happened When AT&T Did That”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: 4Chan

Sorry, Hola, I’m busy dealing with a sick dog and the kind of blizzard here in Chicago that is actually not overhyped for once. Start with the brief media attention history below, though this only represents the tip of the iceberg:

Back to shoveling my way out of my condo….

Anonymous Coward says:

I’m afraid I have no frame of reference. Do you mean Dennis Strigl who now claims to have negotiated iPhone to Verizon a few times?

Listen Steve P. J,
The whole industry lives in a fucking cul-de-sac. You can’t tell anything to one and think it will be kept secret.

MISTER Steven P Jobs:
Best for you to have a secret ballot the day before your announcement. You need to ask what the company can provide as far as customer service, rate plans, and retention.

Value each as their own and then announce it the day you power up your Keynote.

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