Company Decides To Run For Congress

from the brilliant dept

Earlier this week, we jokingly pointed out that with the Supreme Court’s ruling on how corporations were people, a company like Google could run for President. Well, it appears that others have the same basic idea. A PR firm in Maryland has announced that it’s running for Congress in Maryland’s 8th District and has put together a nice campaign ad:

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Comments on “Company Decides To Run For Congress”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Hey wait...

“Regarding Google… wouldn’t a corporation have to be 35 years old to run for president?”

Sigh, you know, I don’t want to get too pissed off too early today (It’s me birthday!), but the fact that our courts have ruled in such a way that your question even makes sense proves how retarded this whole thing has become.

Is too early to start drinking scotch?

DNY (profile) says:

yuck, yuck, yuck: the trouble is only Stevens' dissent refered to the theory that corporations are persons

Very funny.

The problem is that the majority opinion repeatedly referred to “corporations or other associations” and no where referred to the legal theory that corporations are legal persons.

The only reason the ruling is obnoxious is that the management of corporations has stopped working for their shareholders and started working for themselves (oh, for a generation of Jay Goulds, “The public be d*mned, I work for my shareholders”!), and without some reform, it would be the management of corporations using their shareholders’ resources (remember corporations belong to their shareholders, folks saving for pensions, and so forth) to engage in political speech.

I suggest that Campaign Finance Reform v 2.0, besides requiring a heavy dose of transparency, require that expenditures by corporations or unions that either 1) explicitly or implicitly endorse or oppose a candidate running for public office or 2) engage in advocacy on an issue in contention during any election campaign be approved in terms of their purpose, their amount, and the venues of publication by a majority vote of the shareholders or members.

The majority opinion vindicates the free speech rights of corporations and unions as associations, meaning derivative from the rights of those associated, meaning the shareholders and members, not corporate managers or union bosses, who are, in the eyes of the law, fiduciaries for the shareholders or members, even if they all think of themselves as bosses and de facto owners.

Caleb Groves says:

the video

So many of you don’t understand…the requirements to run for Congress or President only matter to the human who signs the legal papers and such. If you actually went to their website and read it, you will find that Murray Hill Inc. is not going to be on the ballot — the person they are using to represent them is. So it doesn’t matter is the company is 3 months old, as long as the person that is going to be doing the voting and legislation is 35 years old, it’s legal. All that this means is that the corporation is able to finance a campaign, so they use a person who will vote based on what the company tells him to vote. Get it?

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