Murdoch's Daughter Recognizes That 'Piracy' Can Be Good

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Even as Rupert Murdoch is calling aggregators and other sites “pirates” and claiming that fair use can be blocked, it seems his daughter has a more enlightened view. Copycense points us to a recent talk by Elisabeth Murdoch, who owns a TV production house, where she basically admits that blocking what people want to do is a bad idea:

“Fans remain the best salesmen of our content, even if that behavior is on the borderline of piracy. Danger of the new world is that we must concede that we’ll lose some control.”

Nice to hear. Now, if only her Dad would listen to her before he pisses off a bunch of his best content salesmen.

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Comments on “Murdoch's Daughter Recognizes That 'Piracy' Can Be Good”

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RD says:

TAM the amazing TAMHOLE

“I wonder what her opinion would be when it’s her own company’s bottom line that is eroding due to piracy.”

Well, considering “piracy” has been with us since, oh, the beginning of recorded media, and these industries KEEP MAKING MORE MONEY EACH YEAR, I’d say the problem is VASTLY overblown. The Music Industry is GROWNING, Movies are making more money than ever, and TV shows are doing well, especially on DVD (which, by the way, the studios spent YEARS ignoring and not serving that market).

As I pointed out, “piracy” has been part and parcel in one form or another for DECADES. Where is the MASSIVE loss everyone keeps crying about? And no, “we could have made more” is NOT the same a “Loss.”

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Rupert Murdoch scares me a bit ....

Rupert Murdoch “claiming that fair use can be blocked”

With the proposed line from ACTA reading (From a quote I was sent) “Copyrighted works may not be used in whole or in part with out the express consent of the copyright holder”

This makes me believe that Rupert Murdoch has seen ACTA or is in some way responsible for that addition. The old spy saying “I believe in coincidence, I dont trust it” comes to mind.

Big Ole GRIN …

RD says:

Wont pass constitutional muster

“With the proposed line from ACTA reading (From a quote I was sent) “Copyrighted works may not be used in whole or in part with out the express consent of the copyright holder”

This line is one of the most dangerous. It would stifle free speech, commentary/criticism, and you can throw ALL documentaries right out the window, as once a rights holder knows this, he will either use it as a hammer to prevent any discourse about his work, or demand so much money no one would ever be able to afford to make any. And if there isnt an exception for news reporting, that goes out the window as well. First time someone sues using this, it will become a constitutional issue and get struck down. If not, then bye-bye America, as your freedoms will have been completely sold down the river to corporate interests.

olli kahn says:

the little guy

What you read on page one of the news is far different from the reality of the situation. The headlines don’t tell you about the multiple “flops” they tell you about Avatar making a billion dollars. You don’t hear about the costume woman, grip guy, or construction guy, getting a pay cut or not getting work at all because Hollywood is producing fewer movies/tv shows each year. Of course content creators are scrambling to protect their work, THEY CREATED IT. I would love to come in to your office, grab your work, and then leave with it. You wouldn’t have a job very long would you? And once you were gone no one would be there to create the work you were doing and we are all losers. Content creators don’t want to horde content, they want you and me to pay a fair price for it because it’s their JOB. “you can throw all documentaries out the window!” –RD Stop being dramatic. Major actors and musicians will always get their big pay day. When you pirate stuff you are just hurting the little guy.

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