Merriam Webster Dictionary Pulled From Elementary School For Defining Oral Sex; Guess What All The Students Just Found Out About?

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Pickle Monger points us to yet another story of overreaction that will clearly backfire in a misguided attempt to “protect the children!” Apparently a parent of a student at Oak Meadows Elementary school in Riverside, California got very upset when she discovered that the schools had copies of the collegiate level Merriam-Websters Dictionary which (gasp!) contained a definition of the phrase “oral sex.” Because of that the dictionary was removed from classrooms and a committee was formed to “investigate.” Thankfully, the committee concluded that the original dictionary was fine and should be returned to the classroom, but that an alternative dictionary will be provided as well.

Of course, many other parents at the school pointed out how ridiculous it was that the dictionaries were removed in the first place. It’s not as if kids will never hear a phrase like that and seek out an answer somewhere. Would parents really prefer that the kids go to Google and do a search on “oral sex,” or go to a dictionary instead? Furthermore, this is a definite “Streisand Effect” situation. Now that this story has made the press, you have to imagine that a significantly higher number of elementary school students at Oak Meadows have now heard the term “oral sex” and figured out what it meant.

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Comments on “Merriam Webster Dictionary Pulled From Elementary School For Defining Oral Sex; Guess What All The Students Just Found Out About?”

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ChimpBush McHitlerBurton says:

Re: Porno Parents

I don’t know which bothers me more: The idea that a school would make such a lousy decision to remove a fucking dictionary from the library, or the idea that some kid’s parent is lurking in the school library looking up “oral sex” in the dictionary…

…Oh wait, come to think of it, I DO know which bothers me more.



Alan Gerow (profile) says:

Re: Re:

You’d be amazed at how much society has advanced in the past 15 years, but schools are remarkably the same.

Except for the metal detectors. And armed paramilitary. And drug & bomb sniffing dogs. And random searches.

But paper dictionaries, blackboards, flags with 48 stars, history books that refer to it as “The Great War” … those are all still there.

Robert Ring (profile) says:

Similar story

A high school teacher of mine once told us that years before us, when he first began teaching at the school, there was a history book the school was using, and in one silly chapter introduction or something like that, there was the word “damn” (used, I believe, in a quote). Of course, no kid is going to go actively read a non-assigned portion of any textbook (much less a history textbook), but nonetheless, the school required all students in that class to give the teacher their book so that he could tear out the offending page and return the book to them. Naturally, every kid suddenly wanted to go read that page before having it torn out.

Plus … over “damn”?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Similar story

In one of my middle school “Reading” class (yes, there was an entire class just for reading), we read a book that happened to contain a chapter that had about 2-3 paragraphs describing animals reproducing (on a farm). Our teacher said something like “Skip chapter ## because it has inappropriate content!”

So, naturally, everyone read it (and were just as bored as during the rest of the terrible book).

PAF56 (user link) says:

Teach about it YES, but have the word in the dictionary??

I seems that in a whole bunch of Liberal run Grade Schools and even pre-school and kindergarten, that ‘anything goes’ as far as being outside the NORMAL bounds of School and training the children.
In those schools (nay, Liberal/homosexual indoctrination centers for children) GAY sex is taught among other things such as fisting, Islam, Witchcraft etc. but never anything to do with Christianity.
In those brainwashing academies they have given the terms “Liberal Education” and “Liberal Arts Education” a whole new meaning.

wizened (profile) says:

They're burning the wrong books

If “they” really want to get rid of a book with a lot of inappropriate sexual content “they” really need to collect the Christian Bible. That thing is full of violence, sex of every description, incest and a whole lot of things that “they” say is “shocking”. To protect the children, I think we need to start a movement to remove this vile book from all public spaces and libraries. It’s for the children. No. Really it is.

Rekrul says:

The linked story says that the dictionary contained the “term” and definition for “oral sex”. I’m guessing that “oral sex” wasn’t the term that set them off. More likely it was either “cunnilingus” or “fellatio”.

Now if it had a definition for “gerbiling” or “bukkake”, I might agree that it was inappropriate for younger students. 🙂

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