Boring Case Against Google Revived… Just A Bit

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We’ve been covering the case of a couple named Boring (no, seriously, that’s their last name) who got upset and sued Google after they found pictures of their house in Google’s Street View offering — even though Google lets anyone remove images they dislike. The couple claimed that the images invaded their privacy and devalued their home (how an accurate photo could devalue the home is an open question). The case was quickly dismissed, but the Borings appealed, in lovely language about how this was about Google trampling on their right to privacy. The appeals court has thrown out most of the case, but actually is allowing the claim of trespassing to move forward in the lower court. Indeed, many did point out in our comments that it appeared that the Google vehicle may have driven onto the Borings’ driveway in the process of photographing the home. Of course, proving any actual damage from the trespass may prove a bit more difficult.

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Comments on “Boring Case Against Google Revived… Just A Bit”

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Harabi (user link) says:

Google is undoubtedly tresspasser.

Google is undoubtedly tresspasser. They have the evil money to twist things to appear not as tresspasser.

See this usecase – thieves are allowed to steal your belongings UNLESS you opt out of the thieves services 🙂
Everything should be opt-in AND NOT opt-out.
How oppressive and how mockery of justice and law that they can do anything and then ask to opt out. How amazing the inaction of all the governments and ngos and people that they have not been banned yet.

Googles daylight robbery incidence – they dare to digital copy copyrighted books stating they entered agreement with libraries which however cannot violate (c) notice in each book forbidding digital copy. See

How much we must worship and fanboy another MS or something MUCH more worse than that? Will techdirt please show serailly the evil side of this EVIL ?

Bouman says:

Re: Re: Google is undoubtedly tresspasser.

Google can index your site – unless you opt out.
They can even mark your site ‘malware’ unless you opt out.
Their bots can read your mail.
They can steal and scan copyrighted books.

They are at present the largest threat to privacy.
You are not aware most things are opt out only. And that is mockery of the law. Breaking of the law which they can do becoz of the money.

Fentex says:

The public

I agree that there’s little reason to be upset about phots taken from a public vnatage and availabel online.

But photo’s taken from a private vantage that require trespassing to take? I would find that quite a valid complaint to make and would hope that a party found guilty of it be punished somewhat more than a token dollar.

Demanding that people prove tangible harm is silly. Is one to be allowed to enter properties, stand outside a window and photograph occupants as it causes no tangible harm but the trepass and invasion of privacy that seems all but admitted in this case?

Alan Gerow (profile) says:

Re: The public

The thing is, trespassing is a criminal offense. For them to receive money, they would have to prove damages. The best can hope for now is to press charges against the person who was driving the Google car, in which case that person could spend some time in jail and they would receive no money.

Just because you don’t like what other people are doing doesn’t mean you get money from them. Money doesn’t magically solve all of life’s problems. In fact, it’s at the root of most of them.

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