New Study Says Social Networks Not Making Kids Stay Up Late

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While there were some studies last year claiming that heavy social networking users were likely to have lower grades (though, there were lots of problems with that study), it apparently isn’t because it keeps kids up late at night. A new study that looked at students and their social networking habits didn’t find much difference in the amount of sleep heavy social network users got vs. those who weren’t spending all their time on Facebook and Twitter. My guess is that, with both of these things, there are so many other factors that finding any sort of causal relationship is unlikely in a simple comparison of two variables. There could be many other factors that lead to either good or bad grades, and also impact how much a person uses social networks or the amount of sleep they get. And, in the end, looking for something to blame for either really misses the point. It’s an attempt to blame a technology for something else, rather than look at the real underlying reasons why a student doesn’t get enough sleep or doesn’t do well at school.

But, of course, don’t expect that to stop the debate. As I was finishing up this post, along comes a different study that again notes a correlation between really heavy users and bad grades. But, the study also finds that for kids these days, they’re pretty much online all the time somehow — even more than the study’s authors thought possible.

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Comments on “New Study Says Social Networks Not Making Kids Stay Up Late”

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anthony scander says:

Social Networks and schools grades

I read all this stuff and to me it all sounded like
“blah blah blah”
All those studies are telling us the same thing
Parents have a big role to play – in positively discussing with their kids house rules around screen times and study times – then making these as regular as possible. Today its twitter and Chat tomorrow it will be some other new technology fad that all youngsters will want to follow. The only thing that has not changed over the years is kids have parents and parents need to learn “effective parental control”

Anything else is “blah blah blah – we need another study”


SCole says:

time time time

I think the way to solve this problem is to have good time management skills. The parent involving is important but only to show/teach children how to get a correct equilibrium between social networking and studying.
Teens are having bad grades because they dont know how to manage time. They must learn that there is a time to be on FB, a time to sleep, and a time to study. Thats where parents come in, to guide them to this correct time managing.

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