China Plans To Scan Text Messages For Unhealthy Content… Five Years After Announcing The Same Thing

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Apparently, it’s time for reruns. The NY Times is reporting that China is now planning to start scanning text messages for “unhealthy content,” which is defined as including any of various (secret) keywords supplied by the police. Now, given the recent ramp up in attention paid to China’s censorship efforts, this might be interesting… if it hadn’t been announced five years ago. This is what the NY Times wants us to pay for? I guess if they block off their content behind a paywall, no one would be able to search the archives of the NY Times to find out that that great paper had covered the story five years ago itself (though, a couple months after we wrote about it).

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Comments on “China Plans To Scan Text Messages For Unhealthy Content… Five Years After Announcing The Same Thing”

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healthomatic says:

introducing the text message wash and dry

yes folks for a paltry sum of 9.99 you too can get it wiped and cleaned making sure it passes the overlords sniff and healthy test.

Make sure it never offends, never is unhealthy and never worry again

[small print here u never understand but is really more ways to rip you off and censor you ]

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