Creativity, Innovation And Happiness

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Last year, for our final post of the year, I wrote a message On Staying Happy. It seems, at time, that people think that I am filled with anger or rage, because of all the annoying or “bad” stories that show up here all the time. Of course, for folks who know me, this is pretty funny. I’m pretty laid back and quite happy and content for the most part — which was the point of last year’s post.

This year, for my final post of the year, I wanted to take that a step further, and point out how in awe I am of the continued amazing creativity we’ve been seeing. In just the last year alone, we’ve seen and written about so many incredible stories of creativity and innovation in a sea of negative from those who insist that it can’t be done. We’ve heard that music and movies are “dying” because of piracy, even as we’ve seen incredible new music and movies being created by people who are embracing new and innovative business models.

We’ve seen things like how Amanda Palmer connected with her fans and gave them a reason to buy, allowing her to create some fantastic new music. We’ve seen how a guy in Israel by the name of Kutiman, that no one had ever heard of probably broke all sorts of copyright laws to create create an amazing album (one of my favorites of the year). We’ve seen how Nina Paley went from being stifled by copyright to embracing alternatives and how she’s used that to build a different kind of business model. We’ve seen how the business models we talk about are suddenly being applied widely to things like books, photography and even everyday objects. It’s been an incredible year for amazing creativity both in content creation and in business models.

As a part of that, I’ve personally been blown away at the reception I’ve received (sometimes from initially “hostile” audiences) when I’ve been granted the opportunity to go out and present and discuss these business models and how they’re working.

Finally, as a result of all this, we’ve had a lot of fun running our own experiments, from which we’ve learned a ton and were able to work with some amazing and talented partners and content creators. Seeing all this happen even as the stories (without any evidence) of doom and gloom get louder and louder from those who aren’t willing to embrace change is even more exciting and encouraging. The pace with which these ideas are being adopted (and adapted) is breathtaking and exciting. We’re looking forward to the pace of this activity to only increase in 2010, and we’ve got a bunch of surprises in store as we look to not only continue discussing these concepts but to really help more people join in the fun as well.

Thanks to everyone here for making it yet another fun year. We’ve been at this for over a dozen years now, and each year is more exciting than the previous one — in large part due to the amazing community of folks who spend at least some of their free time here. We hope that you had a wonderful and exciting year as well, and look forward to more opportunities in 2010…

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Comments on “Creativity, Innovation And Happiness”

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Susan Stevens (profile) says:

A lovely story for you

Here is a story that you might enjoy about a group of people who rescued a treasure from obivion. Although it is nominally about a knitting pattern, it’s a tribute to the Internet, creativity, to international cooperation, and the use of new technology to recreate the old. I hope you and your readers will smile. And thanks for all the informative, thoughtful posts in this blog.

transmaster (profile) says:

Thanks to Climategate

I would have not have learned of this blog except for Climategate. So I have to thank the unknown Russian hacker turning me on to this place, and the RSS feed so I can easily follow. I am graduate research archivist, and technological historian, in a way you can think of me as a human search engine. What truly excites me we are, at last, starting to see the vast impact on society of the internet. Climategate is an excellent example. No longer are there gate keepers on information. Look at the impact the unknown hacker had on Copenhagen. Blogs, Podcasts, search engines, and news feeds are bypassing the old information media If you try to conceal the truth you will be found out. What is so gratifying is to listen to the old guard information brokers bitch, moan, accuse, dismiss, make excuses. and otherwise sputter in indignation as their world collapses around them. Mike you are contributing to this demise, keep up the good battle we will win in the end.

Dave H (profile) says:

happy new year

same to you mike. please keep doing what you do. i feel that if you’re pointing out what’s wrong and also giving examples of what’s right, there should be no confusion on your motives. it’s unfortunate, and clearly not your fault, if there’s more ‘wrong’ than ‘right’ going on (obviously loose definition of wrong and right needed here).


mole removal (user link) says:

Creativity Innovation Happiness

These three are what most people are doing to get a better result in their daily lives or goals.
If one has done these three I think he is a satisfied man.
In short these 3 are the main basis in which we base our goals.
Creativity to get a new way to get the job done. Innovation provides the basic means to get the right ones on track. And happiness comes later when the result of the efforts are fantastic.

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