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Over the years we’ve certainly grown a lot, and so, we have lots of new readers and we get a ton of stories submitted — which is great — but I wanted to run a quick post reminding people that the best way to submit a story is to use the story submission page. This makes it easy to track, manage and format story submissions. It is, by far, the best way to submit a story. Also, when submitting a story, please make sure to include a title (preferably a descriptive one). It also helps to give a brief description of the story and why you think it’s interesting — or, if you’re ambitious, feel free to write a thorough analysis yourself. Submissions with no title, or just links often get ignored in the pile. If something is particularly urgent, alerting us via a message directed at our Twitter account can work as well, but there’s a lot of noise there, and sometimes stories get lost, so use the submission page as well. We’re thrilled that so many people want to help out and participate in the community here, so thanks to our fans for all those great story submissions. These days, we get probably three times as many good story submissions as we can write up, so we apologize if we don’t cover everything sent in, but the quality of story submissions has grown quite a bit in the last few years, and it helps keep this site dynamic and interesting — so thanks to everyone for pitching in.

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Comments on “Submitting Post Ideas Or News To Techdirt”

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Derek Bredensteiner (profile) says:

A thought

There may be some that find a lot of value in seeing your uncensored story submissions. Of course there’s some value in keeping that information to yourself, and there’s probably several serious problems with just throwing up a feed of it. It may encourage a heck of a lot of spam/abuse, and discourage those who enjoy the current anonymity of the submission process (perhaps the biggest reason not to do this).

But, I just thought I’d point out that at least one person is interested anyways, and I’m a bit curious if any others are.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:4 A thought

If you have the the following displayed for each submitted story …

Your Title
Original Tile
Source URL’s (split into Tech dirt and external)
first 200-500 characters of the story submitted

Then insiders/submitters would be your dupe prevention. As they could see what was there already. It wouldnt be perfect but it would cut down on the dupes.

Anonymous Coward says:

Kids, don't do what Mike says.

Yes, submissions should have very descriptive titles.

A few good examples of titles are:
“Chinese food again? So when will Techdirt be investigated for animal abuse?” and “Don’t Jump! Why is Dennis Yang on the Bay Bridge eating a hoagie?” or “Shocking! When did Tiger Woods takes golf lessons from a real Scottsman named Mike Masnick?” and “Exclusive! PR Person finds way to navigate treacherous website. Successfully submits a story”

Okay, maybe not the last one. But, I could go on. The point is that this way, your stories have a much higher probability of being read.

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Kids, don't do what Mike says.

“Chinese food again? So when will Techdirt be investigated for animal abuse?” and “Don’t Jump! Why is Dennis Yang on the Bay Bridge eating a hoagie?” or “Shocking! When did Tiger Woods takes golf lessons from a real Scottsman named Mike Masnick?” and “Exclusive! PR Person finds way to navigate treacherous website. Successfully submits a story”

I actually really enjoyed those!

I’d like to add: “Heh, and other ways to express wry humor…”

Ehud Gavron (profile) says:

Dead link: story submission page

The link to “story submission page” leads back to TD’s homepage. I found it by Google-searching “techdirt article submission.” There’s the meta-comment.

TX just passed kiddie social website law which is incredibly overbroad and will hopefully be struck down (see below for my thoughts on why) or cause lots of content hosting sites all over the world to employ a lot more Tums or Zantac or whateverPrazole for stomach acid treatment.

Link (original):
Also covered on /. I’m going to guess Ms Harding will chime in on Ars as well.


Now the opinion: Those in the United States who have not yet reached the ages of majority are provided less rights. Sometimes “rights” are couched as “privileges” to allow easier demarcation of “the State giveth and the State taketh away” without consequence.

I’ll list some examples below.

The point is that a minor OUGHT to be allowed the constitutional rights granted to ALL denizens (yeah, think citizen but also resident and also tourist… and anyone subject) to the laws of the United States.

So here along comes Texas, and in between busing migrants to California, while suing Florida for… busing migrants to California… and says that minors ARE NOT ALLOWED to participate on social media (broad) without parental consent.

Let’s ignore that subtleties of requiring EVERY SINGLE SITE that hosts ANY CONTENT on the ENTIRE INTERNET to have to keep track of “who is a minor in Texas”, and then AUDIT AND VERIFY that some person claiming to be their parent/guardian authorized access. Just go with the “Hey why can’t someone WHO CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHIRT THEY WANT TO JUNIOR HIGH not be able to post that picture of them doing exactly that on e.g. FB, IG, YT, etc.?

Minors have rights. I won’t speak as to curfews because that extends more deeply into civil righs than I –as a nonlawyer– feel comfortable going into, and those differ dramatically across the US, EU, and other areas.

So, here you go as to where minors get a raw deal BUT IN REALITY should have the full rights under the US Constitution.

Examples include: Can’t get a learner’s permit for driving on public roadways under the age of 16 (14 in Arkansas and other states where marrying your cousin is legal).

Can’t purchase a “long gun” (that is a real term unlike “assault rifle”) under the age of 18 (16 in some states where spitting tobacco is “cool”.

Can’t purchase a pistol (laws differ on what THAT is…) under the age of 21 (18 in some states where if you shoot yourself in the foot you can still claim workmen’s comp.)

Can’t purchase alcohol under the age of 21 (Utah, Alaska, all fine states but don’t try underaged drinking there!)

Can’t purchase or possess marijuana (ob disc: I do not but my lack of choosing to shouldn’t prevent others from doing so) at any age.

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