Google Bug On Document Sharing Highlights Communication Problems

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Hopefully this is just a big mistake, but Slashdot points us to a bunch of Google Docs users complaining that Google is blocking them from sharing their documents claiming “inappropriate content,” even in cases where the content is clearly fine, such as college class notes and homework assignments. Even assuming this is just some sort of bug, the bigger issue seems to be Google’s lack of response, despite the issue cropping up weeks ago. This charge has been raised about Google in the past, and it’s only going to become more important. As more and more people rely on Google for services, the company is going to need to improve its handling of customer service issues and communication.

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Comments on “Google Bug On Document Sharing Highlights Communication Problems”

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Monarch (profile) says:

Google improving their customer service? No, Google is NOW a public corporation run by a board. They basically gave up on the “Do no evil” Mantra years ago. Customer service has and will always SUXORS with Google.

I still think Google offers some of the best products for what is done online, but I take every product offering they have with a grain of salt.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Google

Google is like a compilation of pet projects from some of the best minds out there.

So? Lots of companies hire smart people. That doesn’t excuse their failures.

If someone else released free software, who much entitlement would you feel to quick responses?

If I offered you a free ride in my car and I then negligently caused an accident that left you crippled, would you feel entitled to complain?

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