Companies Realizing That Content Is Advertising Via Web Series

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The NY Times has an article about the rise of online “web series” shows that are suddenly popular, noting that many brands are creating such things as a way to produce interesting content online while getting some attention for their brand. It’s yet another realization that advertising is content and content is advertising. The key point, that many say they realize (and hopefully they live up to it) is that none of this works if the content itself sucks. So they’re working on these shows with a focus on making them good and enjoyable to watch first, and including the sponsorship as a secondary part of the effort. I’m sure there may be some backlash over this idea, but it actually makes quite a lot of sense. It gets more good content out there, and helps brands get themselves noticed and remembered not for intrusive and annoying advertising, but for sponsoring something cool.

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Comments on “Companies Realizing That Content Is Advertising Via Web Series”

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Alias (profile) says:

A great example of this

is the Milkdonkulous and the Battle for Milkquarious content on the web right now (, which is not only hilarious, but has the whole ‘milk’ message which is done in an entertaining way with an over-the-top, 70’s-styled theme throughout the video.

It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.

This hits squarely on what Mike is trying to say here, ‘Content is advertising, etc’.


p0ps (profile) says:

Web - TV

As a model, this seems to be the same as early TV or radio before it. The advertisers create a show and sponsor it. To gain audience, the advertisers necessarily needed to focusing on the content, the industry grew into a split between content creators and advertising. Some creative teams creating the show content, some creating the advertising content. When it was successful, the audience grew to love the show, tolerated the advertising.

Is there anyway for this to be different?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:


Why would be you spamming sites with banner ads and filling inboxes with spam mail if you didn’t have anything to sell?

The point is that the market has become overly saturated with “ignorable” ads, and to stand out you need to create something that people want to talk about, and want to go looking for.

Pete Austin says:

Advertising CAN work if the content itself sucks

For example, half the marketing in a typical national election is dreadful attack adverts. I mean production quality, not morals. These do nothing to boost the client who paid for them, more the opposite, but they are worthwhile because they damage the opponent more. Here’s a classic of the genre.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Advertising is content, etc.

Wow! To me, if I find there is something I want, and it is a good cost-benefit tradeoff, I will eventually find it – in fact, that is how my IP business works; I don’t advertise, never have, probably never will. However, while I don’t get in, “fleece a sucker”, and get out again (the apparent purpose of much advertising), my business continues to grow and grow.
Took years to kick it off, but my client base is REALLY solid; they know they are getting the “best for less”, and it just gets better and better (for them and for me!).

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