iPhone App Makers Get Edgy Over Bogus Edge Trademark

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In the past, we’ve discussed how some guy named Tim Langdell seems to think that because he once had a game that had the word “edge” in the title and got a trademark for it (even though he hasn’t released a game in about fifteen years) that he can go after anyone who uses the word edge in a video game title. EA is even working on getting Langdell’s trademark dumped. In the meantime, he just keeps going with it, threatening plenty of folks. It appears that some game developers are getting sick of this and have decided to fight back. William Jackson alerts us to the news that game developers are now purposely adding the word “edge” to their game titles in solidarity with those threatened by Langdell. I wonder if that will get the message across?

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Comments on “iPhone App Makers Get Edgy Over Bogus Edge Trademark”

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PopeRatzo (profile) says:


There seems to be a lot of scorn for this little guy trying to assert some bogus trademark.

How quickly we forget that those free credit report dot com stools with ears just locked up over a thousand domains that contained every possible permutation of those words, and all possible misspellings of those words, and just to be save the words “google”, “windows” and “smart phone”.

And the courts? Well, the courts just bowed deeply to the freek redit rapport dot com bums and said “Table for two thousand, monseiur?”

Anonymous Coward says:

For Those not in the know. Trademarks cannot apply to everything. Just because I have the word EDGE, say…in a panty line, or maybe in a windshield wiper, does not mean that it violates trademark. There has to be a likelihood of confusion. His problem is he just threatens to sue everyone, so everyone does a cost/benefit analysis of “Is it really worth it to spend potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this guy off our back?” For awhile it wasn’t worth it. But now people are pissed. So it may be worth it for them to kick this guy out of his trademark so that people who do actually do things can use the word Edge.

jeff binder says:

Good for them.

This reminds me of the no-name guy who tried to claim that facebook was his because he had hired baby zuckerburg to do some coding for him. It’s like domain name squatting only less reliable and more obtrusive. I’m glad the industry is pushing back. Hopefully we’ll see lots of iphone app reviews of games with EDGE in the title to bring publicity to them.

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