DMCA Takedown Shirt Only Available For A Few More Days

from the then-we-file-the-counter-notice dept

In case you missed it, last week we added our DMCA Takedown T-shirt to our ongoing CwF+RtB experiment, and it’s been incredibly popular (people sure do love mocking the DMCA). You can just order the t-shirt (which also comes with the Techdirt Crystal Ball and insider badge), or you can get the DMCA Takedown T-shirt with my book, Approaching Infinity. However, the t-shirt is only available for a few more days. All orders need to be in by Monday November 16th at midnight, PST, or you’ll have to go without…

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Comments on “DMCA Takedown Shirt Only Available For A Few More Days”

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BearGriz72 (profile) says:

Re: Can't you make more?

Talk about creating artificial scarcity: “It’s real popular, so you have to order now or there won’t be any more.”

From The Techdirt CwF+RtB Page
“We’re doing this a little differently this time — we’ll be taking orders for 2 weeks ONLY. Orders close at Midnight, Monday, November 16th. After that, we’ll print and ship the t-shirts. So please get your order in soon so we can start planning. Orders should ship around the first week of December.”

It is called a marketing decision. That is the point of the whole CwF+RtB experiment, is it not?

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

A shirt I liked

I must say that I did not feel too compelled to buy the original T-Shirt when it was (is?) up.
As neat as the techdirt logo is, it alone was not enough to make me want to buy a t-shit, even though I would like to support techdirt for keeping me posted on stuff for all these years.
This shirt though has a witty little line on it. One that can prompt people to ask questions or laugh. I like the shirt, so it was a great chance to show my support and I get something I like in return!
Thanks for making the DMCA notice shirt Mike / Techdirt team. =)

AdamBv1 (profile) says:

Re: A shirt I liked

Same thing here, i was looking for an excuse to buy something from Techdirt as i love the blog and have wanted a good way to show it, this shirt is the perfect way to do it. I also got it with Approaching Infinity as it looks like a great read and i have a number of people i plan on passing it around to when I’m done (not making everyone pay for their own copy *GASP*!).

And Mike, thank YOU for being awesome. 🙂

Anonymous Coward says:

All orders need to be in by Monday November 16th at midnight, PST, or you’ll have to go without…

The creation of artificial scarcity. What’s making the T-shirt sale stop? Did the guys doing the printing refuse to do any more? Are there no more T-shirt makers in the world? Is there a shortage of cotton to make the shirts?

Nope, just an arbitrary stoppage to artificially create value.


AdamBv1 (profile) says:

Re: Re:


“Also, we are doing one thing differently this time around. Rather than just waiting until we sell out to stop selling these shirts, we’re taking open orders for two weeks only and then will make the shirts and send them out. So if you want this shirt from us, you have two weeks to order. And that’s it.”

This really isnt an uncommon way of taking orders, instead of guessing how much of a shirt/hoodie/whatever you should order at a time and guess demand you simply put items up for preorder for a certan amount of time a then print that plus a few extras. Its not about creating artificial scarcity, its about actually ordering the correct amount of what you need and making sure your customers get what they want.

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