BMW Trying To Patent Technological Problem Solving

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Erik was the first of a bunch of you to send in the story about how BMW is supposedly applying for a patent on a method using technology to solve problems. You can read the patent application for a Method for Systematically Identifying Technology-Based Solutions if you’d like. It’s not quite as broad as the claim on Autoblog that it’s a patent application on “technological creative thinking,” but it is ridiculously broad. Read through the actual claims, and it’s difficult to see how this deserves a patent at all. There shouldn’t be a monopoly on a method for how you solve problems.

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Comments on “BMW Trying To Patent Technological Problem Solving”

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Chill says:

There shouldn’t be patents on genes, but yet parts of our bodies are the intellectual property of others… because they are entitled to claim genes..

So it’s not really a stretch of the imagination for a company to try this. I read some of the patent, basically it is trying to get a monopoly on creative thinking, identifying a plurality of problems and finding solutions, or however they put it.

“In many countries, certain subject areas are excluded from patents, such as business methods and mental acts. The exclusive right granted to a patentee in most countries is the right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without permission” (in before “wikipedia isn’t a source!”)

I know that we aren’t talking about genes here, but I found out they were patented on this site, and it’s given me a horrid look at the patent system.

One can only pray this isn’t accepted. It would be a victory for common sense.

How would this work? says:

Patents - the new fools gold

Infringement by everyone would be a given, but how would it be proven? You could simply say that you solved the problem by guessing or maybe pulled it out of your ass rather than engaging in a logical progression of thought – which btw should not be patentable for obvious reasons.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Patents - the new fools gold

Actually, based on the way the claim reads, it would not be infringement. Of course, that also assumes that the patent application ever issues, which is extremely unlikely. You have to follow each and every step of a claim to be infringing, and guessing a solution is not one of the steps.

PatentWright says:

Thanks, Now I'll use it

I’d like to patent systematically breaking down patents with a computer algorithm and then reselling them to people who don’t like to develop technology.

ha ha hahahahahaha.
Okay so these guys think that a computer program with drop downs solutions that compiles and aggregates data is cutting edge? It’s like they just created the search engine in 2009. Am I the only one that isn’t impressed with anything but how stupid it is to share how you do things with all of your competition?

DB (profile) says:

Not Patented

Does anyone remember the scene in It’s A Wonderful Life where young George Bailey struck a cigarette lighter in Mr. Gower’s drug store and said “I wish I had a million dollars”?
He didn’t get the millions dollars just because he wished it.
And the BMW patent application’s ridiculous claim 1 has not been allowed just because they wished it.

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