Chicago Tribune Tries An Experiment: Life Without The AP

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Via Jeff Sonderman we find out that the Tribune Company wants to experiment next week and see how far it can get without content from the Associated Press. Last year, we noted that various newspapers were beginning to drop their AP membership as they were concerned about a new pricing structure, as well as the fact that the AP seemed unable to keep up with the modern world, and seemed increasingly less relevant. Worst of all, some of its moves actually appeared to position the non-profit organization as a competitor to its own member newspapers.

The Tribune was one of the larger publishers to indicate that it was sick of the AP, giving the organization two years notice (as required) that it didn’t plan to renew its contract at the end of October, 2010. For this experiment, the Tribune wants to see how far it can get without AP material (though it will use it if there’s nothing else). Still, the newspaper giant notes that it has plenty of other wire options: “Reuters, the Washington Post, New York Times, Agence France Presse, Cable News Network, Global Post, Bloomberg and McClatchy newspapers.” Some of those are “new,” but should make it clear to the AP that it doesn’t quite have the monopoly it seems to think it has.

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Comments on “Chicago Tribune Tries An Experiment: Life Without The AP”

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Brooks (profile) says:

Re: Re: Goodbye AP

Hey, done right, the AP is a wholesale aggregator. There’s tons of value there, and a well run company will always be able to make money in that space (“always” in internet time, meaning “at least five years”).

The AP’s problem is its foray into retail and its tendency to try to extract more profit than its market will bear.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

A simple solution

A simple solution to the AP is to put together a computer network with a replicated dataset of news Video, audio, and written. The software is already written and available on as individual apps and servers projects.

The idea is for a few news outlets to get together with up with a free (or lowcost) alternative to the AP.

Bill Dodder says:

AP is bad

I’ve been saying for ages that the AP is bad bad bad. Services like AHN and Global Post are already providing services that compete with AP at much higher efficiency rates and lower monthly rates. They are modern and well run small services that do a great job.

The thing with AP is that it became directly competitive to its members (a parasite of the worst type).

I urge more managing editors to pull out of that organization.

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