Brazil To Let Hackers Try To Crack E-Voting Terminals

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One thing that never made much sense was how vehemently the big e-voting manufacturers fought pretty much every single attempt to let outside computer security experts try hacking their machines. They often made excuses about how this wouldn’t be fair under “non-real-world conditions,” but never explained how it would be bad to at least let these hacks proceed to learn from them and use them to strengthen the overall security of the machines. Thankfully, it looks like voting officials in other countries are a bit more open to this concept. Slashdot points out that Brazil opened up a “challenge” allowing security experts and other hackers to request to take part in a big hack attempt on e-voting equipment. Not only that, but the government is going to give $5,000 to whoever successfully hacks into one of the e-voting systems. This seems like a much smarter way to check the security on these machines than the previous method of very basic gov’t oversight and the e-voting firms issuing a big “trust us,” answer to every question.

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Comments on “Brazil To Let Hackers Try To Crack E-Voting Terminals”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The US and possibly other govornments may not learn from this however, the voting machine manufacturer will, and seeing as there are very few players in the voting machine market this could be seen as a way to set this particular manufacturer apart from the rest. So it gains more market share becuase of its better security due to its holes being patched after the hacks, and because it gets more market share it will be used in more parts of the world and may end up in use in the US

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