NFL Star Ochocinco Sets Up His Own Twitter-Based News Network

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Earlier this year, in talking about the changing nature of sports reporting, one of the things we mentioned was that you shouldn’t count out players themselves as a part of that ecosystem, since they could now go direct to fans themselves, without having to talk through a reporter. Of course, sports leagues are scared to death of this concept, and we also noted that the NFL, among others, was seeking to limit how players were interacting with fans, with some teams even punishing players for being honest with fans.

However, with all those rules and guidelines, it seems the NFL didn’t count on outspoken Bengals player Chad Ochocinco from taking things even further. Reader DEF was the first to alert us that Ochocinco has decided to set up his own Twitter-based reporting operation on goings on within the NFL, believing that via other players, he’ll be able to get the real scoop and post the information faster and more accurately than any traditional “reporter.” He says he’s “knocking out the middleman.”

And this is exactly the point we were making about how the media landscape is changing. People want relevant news and information in a format they find most useful. They don’t care if it comes from a reporter, an athlete or the guy down the block. Yes, there are different levels of trust with who delivers the news, but reporters need to realize that they’re not the only gatekeepers any more — no matter how much they wish they were.

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Comments on “NFL Star Ochocinco Sets Up His Own Twitter-Based News Network”

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Nastybutler77 (profile) says:

iPhone app

Mr. Ochocinco also has his own “official” iPhone app. For just $2.99 you can get all things Ocho. I wonder how much he’ll make off of it? When I first saw it I had to roll my eyes, but I guess it’s a good way to connect with fans, if they’re willing to shell out $3 for it.

This guy has made self promotion a full time job. It’s a wonder he still has time for football.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Yes, there are different levels of trust with who delivers the news”

Reporters being the lowest level and those with first hand experience (ie: the players) being higher levels.

At least if those with first hand experience contradict themselves it won’t be censored and the people will notice the contradictions and start to ask questions and devise their own theories.

It’s like with history, what’s a more reliable source, a primary source or a secondary source? Those involved in the situations are more reliable and are at least less likely to be confused, they are better authorities over the matters.

kevjohn (profile) says:

Re: Ochocinco = Douchebag

As a person who grew up in Cincinnati and now lives far away, I for one, think Chad Ochocinco is a lively individual who brings some excitement and widespread interest (such as this techdirt article) to an otherwise mundane city and sports franchise. Don’t hate on the guy becuase he’s rich and (somewhat) talented and wants off loser (historically speaking) team and out of dazzling ol’ Cincy.

Anonymous Coward says:

I can just see how this works.

Do I ask Billy about the low blow last week? Nah, I went to school with him, he’s a nice guy. What about fred’s drug problem? Nahh! We don’t talk about that. What about that injury? Nahh, we don’t want to give any other teams info.

let’s just write about everyone’s dogs. Except Michael Vick’s dogs, we don’t talk about that.


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