Time To Take Down That Animated Under Construction GIF; GeoCities Goes Away

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Last week, we wrote about how difficult it is to predict the media landscape future because you don’t know what sorts of disruptions will suddenly show up, noting how things like Twitter and YouTube didn’t even exist five years ago. Of course, on the flip side, you also have to recognize that things that are big today may not exist in a few years as well. As noted earlier, GeoCities is officially going offline today, despite still getting a ton of traffic (don’t ask me from whom). It’s just another reminder that what’s big today may not exist in just a few years.

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Comments on “Time To Take Down That Animated Under Construction GIF; GeoCities Goes Away”

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ChurchHatesTucker (profile) says:

I'll tell you whom

“… despite still getting a ton of traffic (don’t ask me from whom)”

Well, since they’re just pulling the plug and aren’t even willing to hand over directory information, there’s four teams (at least) working on archiving what’s there: Archive Team, archive.org, Internet Archaeology, and Reocities. I imagine that’s driven up their traffic in the past month or two.

Despite its (somewhat deserved) reputation, there’s a lot of gold in there. Before Wikipedia et al. that was where you stuck important reference material you couldn’t host yourself. If you were on the ‘net in the nineties, you know how much of the early history of the web is there.

Chris Maresca (profile) says:

Re: I'll tell you whom

+! for good content. Among the many gems that are being lost:

– how to deal with SmartStart on Compaq servers
– how to fix your broken Nakamichi Soundspace 3
– Datsun workshop 240Z brake conversion howto
– casting plastics howto
– how to fix your broken dash on a ’66 Alfa Romeo Giulia
– flooded battery specs
– homemade cnc router howto
– Jensen FF info page
– detailed parts drawings from several AWD vehicles

And that’s just what I had bookmarked. I’ve saved all of it to PDF…

Internet Oldster says:

It was once the place to be

You young whippersnappers, in the 90s, web space was at great cost. GeoCities allowed a lot of us oldsters learn HTML and display our skills. Free. Even as obnoxious as many sites were, they were a sight for sore eyes after coming out of the BBS days. Give it 5-10 years and YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace will seem old and worn out too.

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