Smart Use Of Facebook By College Helps Students

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Earlier this year, a study claiming that students who used Facebook had lower grades got a lot of attention, with the typical fear mongering and moral panics coming out of the woodwork. But, of course, correlation does not mean causation, and Facebook is just a tool. For schools that use it in a smart way, perhaps it could do good. Reader Ben Ketteridge points us to the news of how Gloucestershire College has embraced Facebook to help students do better. It’s kept the staff and faculty better in touch with students and reduced drop out rates, so far. It’s also helped students work together in virtual study groups, something that other colleges have complained was a form of cheating. It’s nice to see at least some higher education institutions looking at ways to use tools to improve the overall experience, rather than just complaining about such online services.

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Comments on “Smart Use Of Facebook By College Helps Students”

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Annie (user link) says:

Facebook used to....

…have a section on their site where you used to be able to load your course codes. This was back when they first launched, it was really cool since group meeting were easily set up that way and you could find your classmates. Unfortunately they took away that feature long ago and added loads of other junk to distract students with 🙂

That’s not to say that Facebook is bad, students just need to learn how to utilize it appropriately without going into A.D.D. land 🙂 I know I’m guilty at times!

AMATI says:

junk to distract students with 🙂

That’s not to say that Facebook is bad, students just need to learn how to utilize it appropriately without going into A.D.D. land 🙂 I know I’m guilty at times!

(reply to this comment) (link to this comment)
Oct 15th, 2009 @ 4:34am
by icon Misanthropist (profile)

they used it as an email replacement?

so its nothing but a fad

Junk in — Junk out

Anonymous Coward says:

Facebook might have had a chance at being a “useful tool” for academics, back when it was exclusive to college students with valid college e-mail accounts. As someone said, it used to support your class schedule and make it easier to find people in your classes, and there was far less ‘junk’ on it, as it’s been called. It was a much “cleaner” environment.

It used to be more of a social/school ‘listing’. Now It’s gone the way of MySpace with endless garbage. Can’t log on now without 14 invitations to kill thugs in MAFIA WARS or take some stupid quiz about which Power Ranger you are.

The only way it could possibly get worse would be to allow the annoying “auto-play radio” on everyone’s MySpace pages. I believe then I’d never go back.

Hell, right now all it’s good for is seeing which of my college “friends” is getting married. Oh, and picking tomatoes on FarmVille.

Gautam D Goradia (user link) says:

How FB can be used by Schools

Hi. The article made interesting reading. Education institutions can, and should make a lot of use of the Facebook platform. Over a period of time, each institute will find its own unique way to do so. One of the ways (other than creating a page and interacting with students on the same)in which teachers can help their students is to create a collection of interesting Posts and share them with their students as a curated collection. There is now so much information posted on FB on diverse subjects. Teachers could collect such Posts, curate them, and share them with their students as well as fellow teachers.

Teachers could also Archive important Posts that they find on FB, or important suggestions that have been offered by students.

One of the products built by our company helps FB users do what I have mentioned – Search, Archive (subject wise), Curate, and Share. I will be happy to share some of the papers published by us as to how different sections of society can make use of the huge amount of content that is passing through FB’s platform.

Please do take a look at the website

Thanks and Regards

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