YouTube Musicians Form The DFTBA Label

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As part of its MusicTuesdays, YouTube posted a brief plug for DFTBA Records, describing the year-old record label that supports musicians on YouTube. As you might expect, these musicians understand that sharing their music on YouTube is one of the best promotional channels on the internet. So it’s not exactly shocking that DFTBA officially encourages anyone to use its music (ok, not all of its music, but most of it) in the background of other original YouTube videos — which is similar to Moby’s gratis license for independent films.

It’s good to see that DFTBA Records is yet another example in the music industry of a business that has picked up on connecting with fans, and it even has a built-in reminder with its name (Don’t Forget to Be Awesome) to keep its audience happy. Perhaps Warner Music can learn something from these artists: instead of going after fans to punish them, it’s better to be awesome and grow a fanbase. Especially since it’s becoming clearer every day that musicians can connect with fans on their own, and some artists are beginning to wonder what traditional labels really have to offer.

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Comments on “YouTube Musicians Form The DFTBA Label”

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ChimpBush McHitlerBurton says:

“it’s becoming clearer every day that musicians can connect with fans on their own, and some artists are beginning to wonder what traditional labels really have to offer.”

People. Traditional labels have nothing but woe to offer. Seriously, don’t burden yourself with them until you’ve created enough of a buzz that *when they come to you*, you can negotiate a *fair* deal.

This is totally possible now with the current state of technology. Grass roots baby, *then* sell out (if you want to), and go global.

Giving the labels the lion’s share of your shit when you are small is worse than death.

Friend Don’t Let Friends Sign With Labels


Arielle says:

I couldn’t agree more! One of the best things about DFTBA Records is the ability for fans to interact with their favourite musical artists! I posted a video a couple months back using various DFTBA Records songs in the background (while linking to the website so people could buy the songs if they want). One of the songs was DFTBA by Hank Green and Michael Aranda. A few days later I received a comment from Michael Aranda on the video. It made me feel good that he took the time to watch and comment on a video I made using one of his songs.

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