China Cracks Down On Pirated Teaching Materials?

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To hear the US entertainment industry talk about it, China doesn’t respect any intellectual property at all. The truth, of course, is a lot more nuanced than that, but it’s still a bit odd to read that China is proudly cracking down on the threat of “pirated teaching materials,” which the government deems dangerous because it “harm[s] the healthy development of the country’s youth.” It’s unclear how cheaper or even free teaching materials “harm” youth, but the speculation is that it’s more about the government not liking the content than any real worry about “piracy.” But, these days, due to pressure from other countries, China doesn’t mind an excuse to pretend that it’s being tough on piracy.

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Comments on “China Cracks Down On Pirated Teaching Materials?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: What they mean

I suppose you don’t realize that book piracy is a huge huge issue right now, hundreds of millions of books are being pirated with dollar figures surpassing the world’s GDP. If this isn’t stopped book publishers would go out of business, our economy would collapse, and the world would come to an end. So, yes, China is doing the right thing.

Anonymous Coward says:

You know what bothers me about textbooks is I had to pay $200 for an accounting textbook for an introductory accounting class that’s for non accounting majors. They keep on changing the book and charging so much under the pretext that lots of research and development needs to go into these books. Yes many of these books AREN’T GRADUATE LEVEL BOOKS, they’re INTRODUCTORY BOOKS often times for books that are for classes that are for people who aren’t even majoring in the class subject matter. What possible research and development could possibly be required to justify such high book prices to an INTRODUCTORY course for a student who’s not even majoring in the course subject matter? I can go to a book store and get an updated book on all sorts of subject matters for like $30 written by Ph.D’s in the relevant field for like $30 and most of the info there would be accurate and up to date (not to mention they also have editors and such). There is NO JUSTIFICATION for these high book prices. The same thing is true for those overpriced graphing calculators with a few kilobytes of hard disk space.

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