WIPO Once Again Sides With Trademark Holder Over Common Sense

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The phrase “ta ta” is a well known way of saying goodbye. So, it was a cute idea for an Indian online travel site to use the domain name OkTaTaByeBye.com. Except… of course, one of the biggest companies in India happens to be called Tata. So, of course, the Tata corporation went to WIPO complaining of trademark infringement. And WIPO, as it almost always seems to do, sided with the big company, and said that the domain name infringes (thanks, stat_insig). The travel site is planning to appeal, and hopefully whoever hears the appeal will recognize that the site is pretty clearly not associated with Tata. Still, it’s yet another example of a big company thinking that its rights extend quite far.

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Comments on “WIPO Once Again Sides With Trademark Holder Over Common Sense”

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Chargone (profile) says:

Re: Re:

please tell me you don’t actually believe that? please?

sanity check?



that’s like … someone named ‘mous’ doing you up for trademark infringement for being anonymous. it’s just dim. they’re entirely different ‘words’

actually, it’d Almost be understandable if it were just tatabyebye or oktata. but oktatabyebye is a Real stretch :S

Lynn Dixon (profile) says:

BIg companies dont always win :)

This story is kinda rediculous. I have won a WIPO case against a huge company, Lock-heed Martin. Can the author please post a link to the WIPO decision?

WIPO doesnt always decide in the favor of the trademark holder. Take a look at my case:

I actually won the case against lock-heed. AND, I am by no means a large company.

kilroy says:

I agree; the last thing I think of when I hear “ta ta” is some corporate entity (notice how I slipped that in there too although I’d have to add an extra “T” to make it obvious ) in India. Nope I think of the subject that is nearest & dearest to my heart … I think “bosoms” buddy.

I could probably go on and on about things like breaking out the “big guns” and such, but this comment isn’t really adding any value to the discussion. Then again – I’m Male – I am easily distracted by anything that involves … boobs – like lawyers for companies that have nothing better to do than file asinine trademark infringement lawsuits.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Pot ... Kettle ...

When I was younger, I remember seeing a few Tata trucks, which looked identical to Mercedes-Benz 911 trucks. I think they were manufacturing the copies under licence. The only obvious difference was the logo, where instead of the three-pointed star, the circle contained a letter “T”—basically just straightening the top two points of the star.

I wonder how they got away with a logo so infringingly close…

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