Old Music Conference Shuts Down, Blames 'Piracy'; New, Better Event Shows Up Instead

from the bottom-up dept

This is really great. Wolfgang Senges writes in to update us on how a group of passionate people who believe in a more bottom up approach to reinventing the music industry were able to put together a fantastic looking music conference in just weeks, called all2gethernow (disclosure: they asked me to come and present, but I was unable to make it). The story behind the event is that Popkomm, one of the bigger recording industry events, held in Germany each year, was canceled this year, with the guy behind it blaming “piracy” rather than, say, the economy and structural changes in the industry. A bunch of folks in Germany who knew better decided to show Popkomm’s organizers how to organize a better event these days, and scrambled, pulling together a fun-looking event to be held at the exact same time as Popkomm had originally been scheduled. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend, as it really looks like it should be an excellent event. Either way, it shows not only how events can work, but how the whole industry is shifting. The top-down model is changing, and the bottom up one, where more people are empowered, is taking over.

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Comments on “Old Music Conference Shuts Down, Blames 'Piracy'; New, Better Event Shows Up Instead”

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Alan Gerow (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The approaches are different, so if you inherently believe that a bottom-up approach is better, then the all2gethernow event is better. The Popkomm event was put forth by the industry, so if you don’t believe the industry has any clue on what it’s doing, then anything different could be considered better on that fact alone.

Which pizza is better: Dominoes or the mom & pop pizza place? Now, you may know you don’t like or want frozen, conveyor belt pizza … so the mom & pop pizza place that hand-makes every pizza may be considered better on that fact alone. Popkomm is put forth by the industry and industry insiders, all2gethernow is being put forth by music fans & musicians … you may not like how the industry is handling the current market shifts, so the bottom-up approach would be considered better by that fact alone.

Also realize that terms like “better” are subjective, and are really dependent on tastes and feelings of each individual person. “Better” is not an absolute term, and can apply to any aspect of what is being compared that is important to the person making the claim of “better”. So, it is entirely likely that what would make one event “better” to someone doesn’t even involve anything that actually happens at the event, but just the planning or approach to the event.

bwp (profile) says:

Hold up a sec...

…I hope you’re right Mike but let’s let the event happen before calling it better. No offense to the organizers but they might not know how to run a show.

Let’s also hold off on saying that the bottom-up model is taking over. It still has a way to go before it has taken over but I agree that people should be helping it as much as possible.

Josh - To common a name. This is me. (profile) says:

Re: Hold up a sec...

Ah yes. But lets not forget. One show is going to be held and the other got canceled. By this you can infere, and it seems Mike did, that the one that is taking place is going to be better than the one that is not taking place. Even if it is the shittiest piece of garbage ever it still will be better than the one that did not take place. It just may stink more and never happen again.

Pretty simple logic IMO.

bwp (profile) says:

Re: Re: Hold up a sec...

Well it’s called a basic understanding of the English language and reading comprehension. Better, when reading about two different show, would be defined as comparative and to have a comparison you need at least two things to compare.

I like to read what Mike writes, and I hope that he understands my point even if others don’t. If not, it’s still a fun dissection of the English language and discussion on whether or not some could be more clear in their writing.

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