Amazon Offers $30 To Those Who Had Orwell's Books Deleted

from the those-books-were-never-deleted dept

In its continuing effort to make up for deleting unauthorized George Orwell ebooks from the Kindle, Amazon is apparently now offering $30 to those who lost their books. Well, actually it’s a $30 check, gift certificate or they’ll redeliver the book they deleted. Of course, assuming the ebooks cost less than $30 (Kindle’s version of 1984 costs $9.99), it’s difficult to see why people wouldn’t just take the cash and rebuy the book themselves, if they wanted it.

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Comments on “Amazon Offers $30 To Those Who Had Orwell's Books Deleted”

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Brooks (profile) says:

Quick detail

Before the (justified, but predictable) outrage at Amazon’s incredibly clumsy handling of the whole thing, can we quickly remember that the initial impetus for deleting the book was that the publisher who put it *on* the Kindle in the first place did not, in fact, have the rights to do so?

The whole thing is stupid for a lot of reasons, but it’s irksome that so many conversations start from the incorrect assumption that Amazon was acting capriciously or something.

Big Eagle says:

This is just a test

This was just a test to see how people would react to being in an Orwellian Society… for the real thing later. Amazon knows what you are reading. At&T knows what you are texting. Google knows what you have in you email inbox. The cloud knows what you are doing!

Beware of the cloud.

The New World Order is watching you. Google Alex Jones’ documentary “Fabled Enemies.”


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