John Dillinger's Family In Lawsuit With EA Over Dillinger Name

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A few years ago, we wrote about how the grand-nephew of famed bank robber John Dillinger claiming rights over Dillinger’s name, and threatening to sue anyone who either claims that Dillinger killed anyone (this is in dispute) or who is using Dillinger’s name and making money. Of course, he has almost no legal basis for this, but it doesn’t stop him from threatening litigation. The latest target? Video game giant EA. The gamemaker, who used “Dillinger” guns in various video games, is now preemptively taking the guy to court after he demanded millions of dollars from them — and by doing so, gets to choose a more favorable court. It’s good that EA’s being proactive about this — and hopefully a big win in court will stop others from being bullied by this guy.

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Comments on “John Dillinger's Family In Lawsuit With EA Over Dillinger Name”

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elmer92413 (profile) says:


Is there not a certain amount of justification for something like this in order to maintain a deceased person’s true identity? For instance would a movie that purports itself to be a kind of biopic (what hollywood picture doesn’t horrible distort true events anyway) that depicts Washington as a satan incarnate be ok? Or would someone be able to stop it by saying that it gross misrepresents him? Obviously things like satire would not fall under this as the main goal of satire is not to tell a story.

But what this guy is doing is pretty stupid. He doesn’t own a name no matter what his connection with someone else who is well know with that name. I don’t have a monopoly over elmer do I?

Javier Menchaca says:

Making money off of some one

That is so wrong that ea would even make money from s former legened
like dillenger.he should have been respected.or if thier are family members
they should be cominsated as this is thier family.that’s what’s worng companys today making money over some one elses’s go and fight these jerks and what’s rightfully yours.good luck

David Hallen says:

Suing Over A Name

“Led Zeppelin played a gig (Feb.28th, 1970) in Copenhagen as The Nobs after Eva Von Zeppelin, a relative of the airship designer, threatened to sue if the family name was used in Denmark. Today, Gibson takes a look back: By February of 1970, Led Zeppelin had released their first two albums and had become one of the big names in rock and roll. But the legendary band didn’t use their name when they played a show in Denmark on this day in 1970. For the first, and only time, Led Zeppelin were billed as The Nobs.

The name change stemmed from an incident from when the group played Copenhagen the year before. Eva von Zeppelin, a descendant of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (creator of the famous aircraft), was unhappy that a rock band was becoming famous off of her family’s name. She even tried to prevent Led Zeppelin from recording a performance for Danish television, saying that the band sounded like a bunch of “shrieking monkeys.” The attempt didn’t work and the boys performed for the TV Byen cameras, as planned.”

The moral of the story? Some people will do anything for attention!

Lastly, my mother’s maiden name is Dillinger. There are a lot of nice Dillinger families in the United States and I really never think about some bank robber. I just think about all of the nice family members I was fortunate enough to have in my life.

Check any family tree and you will find a few bad apples.

Dwight Brawdy says:

great,great,great uncle..........

Your last name is very similar to John Dillingers only full sisters name after she married. Her married name was Audrey Hancock. Alberta Hancock Huber (Audrey Hancocks daughter) lived her last several years and died in Pike county, Indiana in 1980. I worked with her husband many years and knew him well.

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