This Doesn't Bode Well: FCC Can't Figure Out Online Streaming For Its Own Meetings

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If there were any gov’t body that you would hope would have a handle on basic things like online streaming of video and audio, it would be the FCC, which is supposed to be regulating communications, right? But… that’s not how the government works. During yesterday’s meeting, in which it announced plans to investigate the wireless industry, apparently the online stream required the use of RealPlayer (welcome to 1999) and only allowed 200 simultaneous connections. Perhaps instead of investigating the wireless carriers, the FCC should investigate its own broadband connections and streaming setup.

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Comments on “This Doesn't Bode Well: FCC Can't Figure Out Online Streaming For Its Own Meetings”

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Anonymous Coward says:

President Obama’s folks has been successful at streaming meetings.

That damned technically inclined President Obama and his IT-loving, broadband embracing, blog watching team… The FCC could learn a lot from that President everyone thinks is from Kenya.

I actually think he’s an alien the planet Ork and arrived in a large egg-shaped space ship, has a friend named Mindy McConnell, but who really knows.

Brett Glass says:

The RealPlayer limit was most likely imposed by RealNetworks.

They license their server software with a certain maximum number of streams.

However, what this article fails to mention (and what makes it very wrong!) is that the meeting was also streamed using Cisco WebEx Webinar software, which as far as I can tell had no maximum number of users.

Michael Kohne says:

Last job...

My last job was with a subsidiary of a company whose tagline is ‘Assured Communications’. Starting soon after I arrived, we had quarterly meetings with home office. They tried 2 or 3 times and were NEVER able to get a webcast to work (this was from one location to perhaps two dozen conference rooms around the country). Eventually they gave up and distributed the powerpoint ahead of time and each conference room dialed in and put the thing on speaker. Someone locally then kept the powerpoints in sync with what the boss had to say.

It worked very well, but I’m just saying that if people in the buisness couldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t expect anyone else to do it right.

NO-Multicast-Tunnels-then says:

thats what you get

thats what you get when you cant even regulate that your and the worlds ISP’s DO NOT filter off the Multicast point to multipoint data streams…

NO [b]web side Multicast[/b], No Fun, and lots of wasted bandwidth for a simple single unicast video stream to many unicast viewers.

hell theres Not even any generic free services that bother to provide tunneled Multicast options to the users,even on most free ipV6 tunnels around the world today and thats a shame.

the Multicast protocol has beed aroudn for a Very Long time and yet the worlds ISPs nearly always filter it off their networks to and from you wanting to simply VLC Multicast stream your content.

They should be forced to turn this IP Multicast protocol back on as its provided as standard on ALL ISP grade rounter and related cable kit sat on your desk.

william says:

Some people will elieve everything they are told, thats why we need the FCC !

Goes to show some people believe everything they read on the internet with no regard to the facts.

I agree with post #17 and can confirm his facts:

The meeting was broadcasted on other sources, NOT JUST realplayer. The 200 connection limit is a realnetworks limitation.

I think it was a waste of their time to try and use the realplayer in the first place, but this article is completely misleading.

We see a bunch of folks ragging on the FCC when in fact they are the fool’s running thier yaps without all the facts.

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