Another Band Tries Pay What You Want Concerts

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Pete alerts us to the news that the band Lotus is trying out a pay what you want tour. They apparently worked out a deal with Ticketweb to basically let people pick prices anywhere from $1 to $20 (no $0 option). They’ve also tried to put an incentive in place to pay more: if you spend more than $15, you get free downloads from the band. It’s another interesting model, though I’m not sure it makes as much sense as some other models. Again, concert tickets are a scarce good, and doing pay what you want on a scarce good is a lot riskier. Still, it’s yet another experiment that’ll be interesting to follow. I think I like K-OS’s experiment with letting people pay what they want on the way out of a concert better. Still, experiments are good, so it’s nice to see another one.

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Comments on “Another Band Tries Pay What You Want Concerts”

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Brad Hubbard (profile) says:

Passing the Hat

I’ve been to many events that “passed a hat” at the end of the night to give money back to the performers.

I know in my community it started as a way to cover the cost of hauling generators and equipment out into the middle of nowhere, and has turned into a way to tip the artists for the night’s music. It works great with small gatherings, haven’t ever seen it tried at an actual venue though.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Passing the Hat

It is pretty much the same thing. It’s one of the things that is most fun here on Techdirt, the grand discovery of “something new” that has been done for hundreds of years.

The electronic version of passing the hat isn’t really anything new, except perhaps an in passing slap in the face to the idea of “free music, make the money on concerts”.

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