Paulo Coelho: Content Creators Will Be Punished For Not Sharing Their Ideas Freely

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We’ve written a few times about best-selling author Paulo Coelho, and his embrace of file sharing and openness — and how it helped him sell a lot more books. Reader Esahc writes in to alert us to the text from a speech Coelho gave. The actual speech appears to be from last year, so a bit out of date, but it’s still well worth reading:

He talks about the success of his own projects, from “pirating” his own books, to having the community make their own movie out of one of his books. At the same time he discusses the rise of technology and the folly of pretending you can fight the technology. It’s really a great overall statement on embracing new technologies for anyone who thinks they need to rely on copyright. On top of that, it again confirms the basic premise that we’ve stated here time and time again: for those who work to connect with their fans directly, there are plenty of ways to do well, even without specifically relying on copyright to do so.

We are facing a new era, so either we adapt or we die. However, I did not come here to share solutions, but my own experience as an author. Of course, I make a living out of my copyrights, but at this very moment I am not concentrating on this. I have to adapt myself. Not only by connecting more directly with my readers — something unthinkable a few years ago — but also by developing a new language, Internet-based, that will be the language of the future: direct, simple, without being superficial. Time will tell me how to recover the money I myself am investing alone in my social communities. But I am investing in something for which every single writer in the world would be grateful: to have his texts read by a maximum of people.

The Internet has taught me this: don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas. Don’t be afraid of engaging others to voice their ideas. And more importantly, don’t presume who is and who is not a creator — because we all are.

And the key point he makes? In the past, heretics were punished for sharing their ideas. These days, you’ll be punished if you don’t share your ideas.

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Comments on “Paulo Coelho: Content Creators Will Be Punished For Not Sharing Their Ideas Freely”

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J.C. Hutchins (user link) says:

I’m one of those nutty authors who gives away his content (mostly in serialized audio form), and it’s led to some great professional opportunities. Coelho is right: releasing content into the wild, for free, builds interest and communities around your work … and it builds loyalty, which can literally pay off down the road.

Jim says:

Re: Key Point?

You’re right, his “so either we adapt or we die” is a promise that if we don’t adapt we will be rewarded. In many religions the good stuff really starts after we are dead – so clearly Mr. Coelho is encouraging us to not adapt so that we can enjoy the bounties of the after life. Those that do adapt will be left to suffer with money and fans on this awful planet.

Sorry… I just drank caffeine for the first time in over a year.

Flyfish says:

Yeah right

I’ve noticed how many authors of “fan fic” have had their writing careers take off because they gave away their content for free.

I’ve concluded that the very small percentage of actually talented authors, musicians etc. can succeed by giving away their content, and in the case of a few not so talented it appears to work as well as they ride out their questionable reputations. Everyone else might as well give it away because they’re not going to make money in either model.

ROFLMAO Mike wins!

David (profile) says:

Key Point?

The idea of the headline is to have you read the article. Of course he is going to use hyperbole, it shows that it works (You read the article, didn’t you?).

The point is, we are entering an age with a new sharing consciousness, people can stick around where they are, or evolve. No “Right” or “Wrong”. Just “Works” or “Doesn’t Work”.

What works for you?

bwp (profile) says:

Re: Key Point?

Actually I would have read the article any way.

I was actually trying to make more of a statement that there are words that get the same point across without being inflammatory or adding drama. I should also point out that Mike was just using Mr. Coelho’s words so I have to cut him some slack but it’s a shame that hyberbole and sensationalism is what a person has to use today to get their point across (in some cases).

ChurchHatesTucker (profile) says:

Re: Re: Key Point?

“I was actually trying to make more of a statement that there are words that get the same point across without being inflammatory or adding drama.”

Oh come on. A word like ‘punished’ means a bunch of things, from ‘penalized by the marketplace’ to ‘gratuitous torture.’ If you’re going to choose to read it in the most inflammatory way possible, that’s on your head.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Key Point?

MOst people when they think of punishment thing of visiting the principals office and getting the belt (if you are older) or having Mom take away your Nintendo machine (younger) or Mom cutting off your internet (pre-teen).

It’s like any over the top term, it is intended to heat up a dull story.

ChurchHatesTucker (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Key Point?

“It’s like any over the top term, it is intended to heat up a dull story.”

It’s not an over the top term (nor a dull story, FWIW) it’s a *broad* term. If you want to interpret it as being spread-eagle on your mom’s rubber apron while she paddles you with a wooden spoon, so be it. Just have the cognizance to realize that Mike might not have meant it it quite that way.

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