Latest Misguided Lawsuit: Apple Hit With Copyright Infringement Claim For Third Party App

from the learn-to-sue-properly dept

I’m really beginning to wonder if there should be sanctions on plaintiffs who sue the obviously wrong party. We write about so many cases, where people sue whoever has the deepest pockets, rather than those actually responsible, that it’s clearly an abuse of the law. The latest example, sent in by davebarnes, involves a photographer suing Apple, because an iPhone app from a third party developer includes some of his photos. Note that the guy did not sue the actual app developer: just Apple. I’d also like to see the argument that explains how getting this guy’s photographs more publicity somehow “damages” him, but that’s another story…

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Comments on “Latest Misguided Lawsuit: Apple Hit With Copyright Infringement Claim For Third Party App”

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Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Suing the wrong party

This is actually a problem with the breakdown of interpleader.
If someone sues the wrong party, we need a system that will let them simply fill out a form interpleading the correct party and excusing themselves. The problem is that they need an attorney, and it isn’t simple – it is supposed to be, but isn’t – shouldn’t even require an attorney.
One can only assume the attorneys have too much influence with the judges.

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