Making Magazines Worth Buying: Magazines That Play Video

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Earlier this year, we talked about how some magazines were really making an effort to make the physical magazine worth buying by doing cool things with the physical product. Most of those were niche publications, but there’s some evidence that much more mainstream magazines are experimenting as well. Last year, Esquire Magazine experimented with an e-ink cover. However, it looks like Entertainment Weekly is going even further, by allowing CBS to embed video within an ad in the magazine. Yes, you read that right. Basically, a small video screen is installed in between two pages, and seen through a cutaway. Apparently, it works pretty well, with full-motion video, including sound (apparently somewhat loud, with no volume control, which is a bit annoying).

While a bit gimmicky (and probably quite expensive), it does get you thinking about some other possibilities for actually making physical magazines a bit more worthwhile.

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Comments on “Making Magazines Worth Buying: Magazines That Play Video”

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diabolic (profile) says:

Re: Recycling?

Recycling is a good point. When you want to go with video and sound in a magazine format (i.e. disposable) it is more efficient for everyone involved to use something like an eBook reader (maybe something better and more magazine like than it currently available). I’d prefer to see innovation that uses less resources and provides a better user experience.

Ilfar says:

Sound... in a magazine?

I think the video idea is incredibly neat! Imagine gaming magazines with this kind of thing… 😀 Or something with a how-to guide!

I think audio with the video is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever… Especially if they add this feature to porn mags. I have enough trouble hiding them inside another magazine as it is! 😛

schweet says:


Too funny!. They should at least use it to display some form of content instead of an AD – maybe even start migrating to an online platform viewable on multiple devices and screen-sizes :O. these dudes are getting it right – If some NY street-mag start-up can do it, I don’t see why the major print mags cant start transitioning as well. They can save millions on printing/shipping costs and gain a more flexible and usable medium, able to display content on any device with a flash equipped browser.

Gimcrackery says:

I already avoid and/or shred greeting cards that make noise.

I already mute TV commercials that are many decibels louder than the show I’m watching (lookin’ at YOU, Comcast).

I already cruise the intarwebz with the sound off.

The moment I open a magazine and it starts squawking is the moment I set that fecker on fire.


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