Godzilla Takes On Comcast Over Trademark

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We all know that Monster Cable has a long history of being overly aggressive when it comes to trademarks, but it’s not the only trademark “monster” out there. Apparently, Toho, the owners of the trademark on the monster Godzilla are equally, if not more aggressive. In Godzilla’s latest battle, he’s not taking on Mothra, but Comcast. Apparently, Comcast is running some sort of ad campaign for “Comcast Town” which looks sorta like its own version of Sim City. But within this Town, there’s a monster that will sometimes stop by and destroy things… and (yup) that monster bears a passing resemblance to Godzilla, and Toho is not happy. And, apparently, you don’t want to make Godzilla’s lawyers angry (yes, mixing fictional angry character tag lines here…). Comcast, for its part, denies that the character is Godzilla, though Toho doesn’t buy it. Of course, you might ask where’s the actual “harm” here, as it would seem to only help advertise Godzilla and Godzilla movies — though, Toho would likely argue that the harm is in Comcast not licensing the character (or the potential idea that this makes Godzilla “generic”).

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Comments on “Godzilla Takes On Comcast Over Trademark”

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nunyo says:

Godzilla is pissed

When Godzilla signed his deal with Toho, he was given no reason to believe that his label would work so hard to stifle the promotion of his character and work. While on hiatus he has found and retained a team of Velociraptors with law degrees. They’ll soon be filing suit against Toho in West Texas.

technomage (profile) says:

Have to disagree with you on this one mike...

I am going to have to back ToHo on this one. You ask where is the actual “harm”? How about the fact that Comcast has a less than favorable reputation. ToHo, like most businesses only want their products associated with the best representatives. If they didn’t do this, then it *could* look like an endorsement of ToHo for Comcast. Which, in my opinion, could do some great harm to Godzilla’s Image. The harm is not in being displayed, but with who you are associated with.

hegemon13 says:

More than a passing resemblance

Comcast can deny it all they want, but that is a lot more than a passing resemblance. If it was just a big green dragon/dinosaur, it would be one thing, but this even has the signature Godzilla back plates (or whatever you want to call those spiky things sticking up from his spine). I can certainly see the argument that this makes the character generic.

Sailingmaster (profile) says:


I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the purpose behind the lawsuit was to ensure that Toho wasn’t seen as being connected to Comcast. I know if I was an executive at Toho, I’d be screaming bloody murder at legal to stop Comcast.

Comcast has abysmal customer service and the ethics of a 14 year old crack whore. I don’t blame Toho in the slightest.

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